All You Need to Know about Hair Clip Ins

Ever wonder exactly how someone’s hair simply seems a good deal longer and voluminous, although you saw them just a couple of days earlier with dull and short locks? Well, my friends, that, is the strength and attractiveness of Clip ins.

Wearing hair extensions turns out to be an increasingly well-known pattern morning by morning, not simply since they look great but also since they are usually easy to deal with and also offer answers to all your hair problems – that way too – in under one day! What more could you request than hair you are able to put in and get rid of whenever you needed to?

It is like a get out of jail free card for when you do not wish to deal with hair that is long but also needs long locks to design your locks thoroughly. You are able to get the very best of both worlds using clip in hair extensions!

What are Clip Ins?

Clip-in hair extensions are transient hair extensions you are able to wear in order to replace your whole perspective overnight!

Desire to attend a party the following day but do not have adequate length or volume in your own hair to approach it how you wish to? Well, worry will no longer be because, with clip in hair extensions, you can get your desired hair length and volume quickly. In reality, you do not need to make a drive to your hairdresser!

How can I Install Clip In Hair Extensions Correctly?

Anatomically, clip-in locks extensions include wefts of hair which are linked with a clip at the conclusion. Extensions may be anchored to your hair with the assistance of clips on their end. That means all you’ve to do is pop the videos wide open and then install them on your hair. I am quite sure you will manage to accomplish that on your own! All things considered, has not everyone paid for a component of our childhoods to install random fasteners on our heads?

As a kid, I still recall installing colorful clips on my head whenever I’d the opportunity to. Installing clip in hair extensions takes as much effort, except you simply have to be cautious about precisely how to put the clips, therefore your hair extensions appear to be as common as they can be!

When it comes to clipping in hair extensions, you do not have to worry about any collateral damage being performed to your hair while you are using clip in hair extensions since they do not trigger any damage to your natural hair. Consequently, in case you are thinking of having hair extensions but are concerned about hair damage, you need to absolutely go for clip in hair extensions.

How Long Will Clip In Hair Extensions Last?

The length of time that you can expect to wear hair clip ins really depends on how often you use them. Not to mention, how well you take care of them.

You must keep in mind that if you take care of them by following the proper instructions on maintaining them, then they’ll definitely last a lot longer than they would if you did nothing to manage them at all.

However, it should be noted that real clip in hair extensions are known to have quite a long lifespan as well. The same can’t be said about synthetic clip ins.

The lifespan of most real clip in hair extensions varies. These real locks can last you anywhere between 3 months and up to a year.

The lifetime of the clip ins is determined by a wide range of factors.

An example of this would be in terms of just how frequently you wear them.

Do you put them in every single day? OR are you just on special occasions?

Whatever the case may be, real hair clips tend to last a lot longer if they’re not used on a daily basis.

Moreover, the type of clips that are attached to the hair extensions matter as well. In hair extensions, there are lots of different kinds of extensions out there, each one with an alternative hair quality. The one with much better hair quality will certainly last more than the one with bad hair quality.

Not merely this, though the hair styling, heating, washing and also a large amount of other things also reduce the lifetime of clip in hair extensions. Thus, I cannot let you know the exact lifespan of the clip-in hair extensions of yours but could provide you with an estimation.

This estimate is produced from the own usage of mine of clip-in hair extensions and also a bit of research. You may be ready to slightly improve your lifespan by taking excellent care of your clip-in hair extensions.


So, that leads me to this question: What exactly are you waiting for?

Head over to your closest cosmetic shop now and try out clip in hair extensions.


Believe me, when you start using them, you’ll feel like they belong with you and wonder where they’ve been all your life!

Trust me, you’ll NEVER STOP using them, especially in times when you feel like changing your look. OR even at special events!

They are simple to use, convenient and harmless to your natural locks.

So, what do you have to lose?