Review of the Alen Brea the Smart 45i Air Purifier


Alen Brea the Smart 45i is one of Alen’s bestselling home air purifierers, and it comes with the most advanced True HEPA air filters. This high-quality air purifier offers a class-leading combination of performance and quietness. It can clean 800-square feet of air every 30 minutes, with a whisper-quiet sound tuned to a pink noise (lower and better than white noise) that helps improve sleep.

You will see our unboxing photos and setup of our Brea the Smart 45i which now sits perfectly in our master bedroom.  It looks great and is so quite we forget its even there.  Read on to learn more about the great features of this air purifier that we highly recommend.


Official Purifier of Sleep

Sleep is an important factor in keeping your body functioning well. An air purifier that improves air quality increases sleep quality. Poor air quality causes poor sleep because it causes irritation and allergies. When the allergens and particles floating around your bedroom are inhaled, it irritates the nasal passage that leads to runny nose, sneezing, and coughing, which can all disrupt quality sleep.

The selling point for Alen Brea the Smart 45i is it’s the only HEPA air purifier proven to improve sleep by SleepScore Labs, a sleep-focused laboratory behind the world’s most advanced sleep tracking system. According to their study, the BreatheSmart 45i helped people to achieve better sleep by reducing allergy symptoms. The participants reported noticeably improved sleep quality as the users felt more rested upon waking up. Generally, this air purifier helped users to experience fewer sleep disruptions in the middle of the night, faster time falling asleep, and an observable reduction in allergy symptoms.

The pink noise frequency that the BreatheSmart 45i creates is due to its WhisperMax technology, which produces significantly less noise in comparison to other air purifiers. Pink noise is a lower frequency of sound than white noise. While white noise can be hissy and harsh like TV static, pink noise is more calming and pleasant – similar to a gentle cat’s purr, a babbling brook, or a heartbeat. This quiet and soothing pink noise helps you sleep up to 25% better. The pink noise is achieved by using larger motors, oversized and contoured fan blades, and also by tuning the air chamber and airflow designs to precision.



The Alen BreatheSmart 45i is ideal for use in any medium-sized space that is at most 800 square feet. It’s perfect to use even for the largest bedrooms – which is the ideal area to put this air purifier in, considering how it’s designed to improve sleep.

The True HEPA-Pure filter of this air purifier works efficiently for removing airborne dust and allergens. Its laser-smart sensor can detect particles as small as 0.3 microns (about 56 times smaller than a human hair). The sensors feed this data to the main unit, which adjusts itself to accommodate purification that must be done.



The first thing you will notice about the Alen Brea the Smart 45i is its sleek and minimal design. It comes in seven neutral color options – you can choose from brushed stainless, espresso, graphite, oak, rosewood, weathered gray, and white. All these colors make the air purifier look upscale while enabling you to choose the best one to pair with your existing interior design. The metallic colors will suit modern and contemporary styles, while wooden color panels will match a more classic and rustic style.

But besides these colors, you can also choose from a variety of designer panels to suit your taste and décor. You can mix and match it with the colors in your house, or use it to add a pop of color to accentuate your style.

This air purifier comes in a space-saving built. It stands a little over 2 feet tall and 15 inches wide – comparable to a small carry-on suitcase. It weighs less than 24 pounds, so it’s not a hassle to take it anywhere.

The front panel of this air purifier is plain, while all LED indicators and controls are on top. It comes with advanced capacitive touchscreen buttons with a pleasing audible chime. It works by sensing when something that conducts electricity, like a fingertip, is on the button. The air filters are on the sides of the purifier.

The LED color display allows you to see the quality level of your air at once glance, so you don’t have to wonder if the air purifier is really working. This is all possible with the advanced sensor technology that determines your air quality and displays it in real-time using easy-to-read colors. Here is the meaning of color indicators:

  • Red – High pollutants in the air, dirty indoor air quality
  • Orange – Moderate pollutants detected, okay indoor air quality
  • Green – Minimal pollutants detected, good indoor air quality
  • Blue – No pollutants detected, excellent indoor air quality

When auto mode is activated, it can adjust air cleaning power to optimize air quality. It also comes with night mode, which turns off with one touch.



The true HEPA filter in this air purifier is designed to take care of mold, dust, bacterial, allergens, and even fungi, as well as different odors. This filter uses a compound designed with antimicrobial properties. It takes in the fungi and bacteria that the purifier sucks in and inhibit the growth.

The filter also comes with an odor-eliminating carbon, and it absorbs the particles that comprise the odors. It can absorb the odors from cooking, as well as chemical cleaners.

The Alen BreatheSmart 45i is compatible with three different upgraded filters that target specific health concerns:

  • HEPA Fresh – It’s an improvement of the original HEPA-Pure filter with an added activated carbon filter, used to deal with household odors like light smoke and cooking smells. It’s also great to use for people who are sensitive to VOCs and harmful fine particles.
  • HEPA Silver – This has antimicrobial silver ion threads to destroy mold and bacteria and prevent its growth.
  • HEPA OdorCell – This is the ultimate HEPA filter level for this air purifier, made with unique molecular conversion powder that can wipe out odors (like pet and diaper odors) using its patented non-toxic technology.

Each of these air purifiers come with the Alen Forever Guarantee – a lifetime warranty that allows the manufacturer to either fix the problem or bring you a new one.

So to sum up, there is a lot of great value and technology in the sleek Alen Brea the Smart 45i air purifier.  If your looking for a great option for your entire home or bedroom then this is the right product for you.

About Alen


Established in 2005, Alen Corporation aims to research and develop quality air filters that are built to last. They offer some of the best quality air purifiers in the market, mainly because it is their sole focus. They offer customizable and comprehensive solutions to make it easy for customers to select the best option for their air purifier and filter needs.

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