Essential Guide On How To Choose The Best Energy Company In Texas

Multiple Issues To Consider

Not all energy companies charge the same rates. This is for a number of different reasons. For one, certain companies use “green” means of energy production. They’re almost always more expensive, but you can rest assured the electricity you use is not harmful to the environment—or, at any rate, not as harmful.

The question is, what are you looking for, and why? If you’re just looking to reduce your monthly costs, you can go with the cheaper providers Texas has available. If you’re looking for something that’s more conscientious, those options are available. The key is knowing which factors are most important to you, your household, or your business.

You’re also looking to get the most reliable options, in all likelihood. Not all energy options can be totally relied on perpetually. Most can, but because companies provide the service, there’s always the possibility of those companies closing down for one reason or another. This means going with the more successful option for a business could be key.

Also, you want to know what the needs of the property you’re acquiring energy for are. Some properties, residential or otherwise, have greater needs than others. A small business may have a need for 24/7 server utility. Other businesses may only need a few kilo-Watt hours (kWh) of electricity a day. Also, there are tax incentives in some places for clean energy.

The Potential For Tax Incentives

Austin, Texas, is a very progressively-minded state, and there are certainly options out there which will play into cost-reducing measures such as tax rebates, discounts, or other similarly-related incentives. As a point of reference, and to help you find your best possible options EnergyBot offers Texas electricity rates in one place for your examination.

You could potentially cut your energy bill in half. Or, if your locality offers tax incentives, you could double your energy bill, then get a refund in taxes which overcomes the cost of energy expenses for your business anyway.

The key here is knowing all available variables in the equation of your energy utility. One of the most important will be your traditional usage of daily energy. The average American home uses 10,909 kilo-Watt hours of energy annually. That’s an average of 29.86 kilo-Watt hours a day. Now you’re looking at, in Texas, 4.1 cents to 11.97 cents per kWh.

That’s $1.22 to $3.57 a day. Applying that ratio to Texas options works out to an average annual high of $1,305.80 and a low of $447.27 per household; or $109.07 to $37.27 a month. As you can see, going with the low-cost energy solutions which are available in the market can save you well over 50% of your annual energy costs. That’s pretty considerable.

Realistic Savings Possibilities

Imagine saving $858.53 a year. In ten years, you’ve saved $8,585.30—that’s enough for your teenager’s first car; and you won’t even have to buy them a “beater”; just a late-model pre-owned vehicle.

As a corporation with continuous energy use, you’re looking at an even greater consideration. A medium-sized business will use about three times the energy as an average household at about 30,000 kilo-Watt hours. That’s $1,230 to $3,591.

A big business uses 100,000 kilo-Watt hours, which is $4,100 to $11,970 a year. Simply changing energy providers for a big business could save $7,870 a year. But if such a business got a $10k tax credit for using green energy at 11.97 cents per kWh, then they’d save with the more expensive energy option in the long run.

Saving Need Not Be Complicated

So know your energy usage statistics, and the options available in the market. It is definitely possible to cut your electricity bill in half as simply as looking up a website which lists energy sources, and switching to that which is most appropriate to your particular operation.