Pros And Cons Of Using Quartz Countertops In Your Kitchen

A countertop acts as a center point in the kitchen. That is the reason, it is fundamental for you to plan it cautiously. One of the most demanded materials for covering these countertops is either stone or wood.

Nonetheless, it isn’t generally possible to locate the specific pattern of the design. This is one of the fundamental reasons why quartz countertops have become well known over the years. While other cheaper subsets of quartz like corian are available in the market, the demand for quartz is still high.  If you are strapped of cash but still want to have a reasonable countertop, then by all means go for Corian countertops (Read the corian vs quartz pros and cons before deciding) but if you, like us, are a fan of that unmatched natural finish of quartz, then you’re at the right place!

How are Quartz Countertops Made?

Common quartz precious stones are mined, at that point ground into a residue or an aggregate that is intertwined with resin binders under extreme heat and pressure to frame a strong section. Shades added during the process give color to the countertop.

Since quartz is a natural stone, it is bound to be more expensive than it’s other cheaper counterparts. While high price can be argued as a con of quartz countertops there are a lot of other factors (or as we like to call them: pros) that make it worth having a quartz countertop.

If you’re confused whether you should install quartz countertops in your kitchen or not, then read on to find out the pros and cons of quartz countertops.

Pro: Can Mimic Stone

Probably the greatest advantage of utilizing quartz countertops is that they can mirror practically any kind of characteristic stone. So whether you need a stone completion or a marble one, it very well may be made rapidly utilizing this material.

Con: It Is Brittle

Despite the fact that these countertops look great and exquisite, there are a couple of disadvantages. One such weakness is that quartz countertops are brittle and can chip easily on the off chance that they are not of good quality.

Pro: Is Scratch Resistant

In contrast to characteristic stones, quartz countertops are scratch-resistant which is the reason you don’t need to stress over managing harmed surfaces. It is a great advantage because normally scratches on countertops can be seen after some time.

Con: Are Expensive

If you believed that quartz countertops are a less expensive option in contrast to wood or stone, then this might come as a shock to you. This material is as costly as regular stones and genuine wood. Costing simply somewhat less than granite (18% less), and essentially more costly than solid surfaces (54% more) or laminate (270% more), quartz countertops are very costly. Nevertheless, its durability, easy maintenance and cleanliness benefits compensates for its cost factor.

Pro: Does Not Attract Mold

The area around your kitchen sink for the most part draws in a great deal of fungi and mold which can be harmful for the family. In this case, with quartz countertops, you don’t need to stress over a similar situation to arise.

Con: Hard To Check Quality

While picking the ideal quartz countertop for yourself checking its quality is fundamental. In spite of the fact that in view of its reasonable plan, this process turns into even more difficulty and it is not easy at all.

Pro: Various Finishes

Another benefit of utilizing quartz to line your countertop is that it can replicate various finishes. This consists of wood, lamination, and even tiles.

Con: Can’t Stand Extreme Heat

If you love cooking consistently and that too for a more broadened period then this material probably won’t be ideal for your kitchen countertops. It is because of the fact that quartz countertops can’t withstand extreme heat and will break very quickly.

Pro: Customizable Colors

We know how costly colored natural stones can be which generally makes them unreasonably expensive. Be that as it may, by choosing quartz as a coating material, you will have the option to incorporate color tones into your countertop just the way you like.

Con: Not For Outdoor Use

With extraordinary climate conditions in some areas, quartz countertops can’t be used outside. It implies in the event that you are hoping to construct a kitchen in the backyard, at that point this material isn’t the ideal choice.

Produced using perhaps the hardest mineral on earth, quartz countertops are apparently the most strong choice for kitchens. They are likewise the absolute most attractive. They arrive in a wide range of colors, including fire-engine red and apple green, as well as gritty earthy colors, blacks, and creams, with shimmers and veining for the vibe of granite or marble. Yet, in contrast to regular stone slabs, which are mined, these pieces are designed in a manufacturing plant. So choosing quartz is a good option.