5 Tips for Using a Glass Display Cabinet in Your Home


Glass cabinet displays look stunning and fit almost any interior. If you are looking for display cases near me, you must know how to make the most of this piece of furniture.

Display glass cabinets look incredibly stylish and fit the interior of nearly any premise. One can put them in their kitchen, living room, bedroom, terrace or elsewhere. One can choose between a nearly infinite assortment of styles: Provence, empire, minimalism, loft, chalet… Such cabinets are rather capacious but what is most important, they add style and individuality to the room. However, it is not enough just to purchase a glass display cabinet. One needs to think of what to fill it with and how to make the most of this valuable piece of furniture. Below, you will find a selection of useful recommendations backed up by the experience of thousands of cabinet owners. You can also open the following link to find out the best display case for hot wheels.

Add Light and Air to the Room

Even if the glass display cabinet itself is large, it can make the room look more spacious and fill it with light. To achieve such an effect, it should perfectly fit the color scheme of the room and not become its primary visual accent. White, grey, black or beige monochrome cabinets would be the smartest choice.

Cabinets with mirror backing create a visual intrigue and make the room seem twice as large. When choosing an opportune place for this piece of furniture, make sure that the rays of either artificial or natural light reach the mirror. At the same time, too much light might accentuate fingerprints or dust on the glass, if there are any.

The fewer things you put inside the cabinet, the more space it adds to the room.

Fill It with Proper Objects

Those people who have collections are lucky. They can fill glass display cabinets with their porcelain, jewelry, statuettes or whatever. Those who are not that fond of fine objects might think of storing their books, dishware or wine bottles on the shelves.  You can even create a special lego display case as well.

From all these items, books would be the least opportune ones. They stand next to each other, there is no air between them. This would not look too appealing inside a glass cabinet display.

Instead, consider placing small potted plants there. Depending on where you put this piece of furniture, you might opt for those plants that love sun or, on the contrary, shade. Make sure there is enough space between the pots — this would accentuate the individual beauty of each flower or cactus.

If you are a lady, you might store your shoes in the glass display cabinet. Not sneakers or flip-flops, of course — but classy pumps and elegant wedge sandals. You might want to place bags, clutches, headscarves or other accessories between them to make it look like your private fashion exhibition.

Arrange the Items

Even the simplest objects look stunning when arranged by number, color or size. Odd numbers produce a better impression than even and compositions of three items look especially eye-catching. For instance, you might want to put too small cups on either side of a larger teapot. There should be enough space between objects and competition — otherwise, you would create visual chaos. The photos at Room Service 360 might serve as a worthy source of inspiration.

Try to alternate vertical and horizontal silhouettes. Between the teapots and dishes, you could place a few cookbooks. In this case, put some of them vertically, let others lay in a stack and add a few ones that stand diagonally.

It might happen so that instead of putting anything on display, you would prefer to use the cabinet for storing miscellaneous objects. In this case, you could buy or order customized boxes for your belongings and arrange them on the shelves according to the above-mentioned principles. Lovely baskets would do as well.

Do Not Be Afraid of Eclecticism

Eclecticism is not identical to chaos or overcluttering. If you check designer blogs on the internet, you would see that glass display cabinets filled with uniform repetitive items look dull. To spice up the picture, one needs to skilfully mix objects. Put in two bottles of wine, one flower pot, a stack of vintage photo albums, a candlestick, a spice rack…

If you are not sure if your taste is refined enough, you might ask a professional designer to help you arrange things. Or, you can simply copy the ideas that you saw in the above-mentioned blogs. But please remember: if you attempt to recreate someone else’s composition in your glass display cabinet, try to do it as precisely as possible. Do not mix several compositions into one, this would ruin all the charm.

Keep It Clean

If you are planning to store a collection of rarities inside the cabinet, you probably would not open its doors every day. But if you put cans of tea inside, boxes of makeup or files with documents, you need to select a cabinet with convenient handles. They need to be large enough and attached to the doors so that when pulling them, you would not occasionally touch the glass.

Be ready to regularly clean the glass both from the inside and outside, thoroughly wiping off all the fingerprints that will inevitably appear on it. If there are small children in your house, you might consider postponing the purchase until they grow up — or at least place the glass display cabinet in such a room whether the kids would not be able to touch it too often.

To protect the shelves, you might want to put on them a thin layer of transparent plastic. This would come especially handy if you place plants inside the cabinet — when you will water them, not a single drop would reach the wooden shelves.


After reading this article, you might want to immediately purchase a glass display cabinet if you do not have one yet. This type of furniture never goes out of fashion. When refurbishing your house, it would be enough to move the cabinet to another room and fill it with new objects to make it look completely different. This is why designers love this element of the home environment so much.


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