New Baby Formula Brand – Loulouka. Everything You Need to Know


Today, the market is full of wonderful organic and non-organic baby formulas. This allows you to choose the best baby formula for your child, taking into account certain factors such as the ability to digest, composition, recognition among families around the world, certification and so on. Everyone has heard of such well-known brands as Holle and Hipp. And a brand like Loulouka is relatively new, but is rapidly gaining popularity and receiving millions of positive reviews from satisfied parents and their babies.

What is special about Loulouka formula?

Loulouka is made and created in Switzerland. According to all norms and rules, this baby formula is produced under strict control on farms, where thorough care and treatment of cows is carried out. Loulouka has a European Union certificate, so buying it for their baby, parents can be confident in its quality and reliability.

Moreover, parents have a choice of Loulouka formulas to choose the one that best suits your child. Loulouka Stage 1 is suitable for those who want to start introducing the first supplement or completely replace breast milk and it is a great option from birth. Loulouka Stage 2 is the best option for children aged 6-10 months. And, finally, Loulouka Stage 3 is suitable for children aged 10 months and onward. Therefore, parents can choose the formula that will fully satisfy your child.

The beneficial composition of Loulouka formula

The manufacturers of this formula have done everything possible to provide it with the best nutrients and protect your child from any allergic or adverse reactions. Among the nutrients in the composition you can find lactose, which is used as the main carbohydrate for this formula. In addition, this formula is rich in prebiotics and DHA, which will help to improve gut function. Furthermore, an important factor is that these formulas do not contain any negative substances that are recommended to be avoided for babies.

Loulouka formulas do not contain palm oil (which is considered harmful), soy, extra sugars and synthetic ingredients. Therefore, parents can rest assured that their child consumes only the best ingredients.

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