How Teachers Can Use Storage Units to Create Classroom Space


Classrooms can get cramped due to school supplies. Books, students’ backpacks, art supplies, student notes, and extra furniture can clutter the entire room. Too many things in the room can start affecting the day-to-day activities of students and hinder their concentration. It is important to have a clean, spacious classroom where students can focus on learning without navigating a million things. 

Teachers often face the challenge of finding space to store school supplies in the classroom. This is where SecureSpace storage units can come in handy. These self-storage units can help you keep extra supplies, books, and other things that you may not regularly use, thereby creating more space in the classroom.

What to put in self-storage units?

Once you get the self-storage unit, it is time to determine what goes inside it. Here are a few ideas on what to put inside your self-storage unit:

  • Charts and posters
  • Rarely-used games
  • Seasonal classroom decorations
  • Bulk supplies
  • Blankets, extra rugs, and mats
  • Hopscotch mats and other interactive floor mats
  • Extra sponges and magic erasers 
  • Additional books and stationary
  • Extra furniture

Organizing your self-storage unit

Once you decide what goes into your self-storage unit, you can organize it better to maximize space. There are various ways to organize these units.

  • Create a list of the things you are storing

It can get challenging to keep track of everything you have put in the storage unit. Not having a list of things kept away can make it difficult to find them. Create an inventory of all the classroom supplies and note which ones you are putting in the storage unit. Describe all the items in the unit in detail so that anyone can find the items, in case you are not around.

  • Store items in clear bins

It is easy to keep track of things stored in clear or plastic bins. You will be able to see what is inside each box without opening it or sifting through all the boxes. They may also last longer than cardboard boxes. So even if they may initially cost more than cardboard boxes, they can be a worthy investment. 

  • Dismantle furniture and store it upright

Dismantle the extra furniture and store it upright. This way, you can maximize the space in the unit and organize the school supplies more efficiently. Keep the dismantled furniture at the end of the unit or by one of the walls. It will not be in the way when you get other supplies from the unit. 

  • Store large and heavy boxes at the back

How you arrange the items in your storage unit can help you maximize space and make the best of the unit. Begin with the large and bulky items in your inventory. Keep them at the back and at the bottom. This way, the large boxes will be out of your way, and you can keep small, lighter items on top of them as well, creating more space.

  • Put supplies you frequently need towards the front

Some school supplies will be used frequently. You will need those faster than the others. If you put these in the storage unit, keep them towards the front to find them easily.

  • Label every box

It is critical to label every box in your storage unit. You would have stored so many items in different boxes that it would be impossible to tell which box contains what items. You will be able to find particular items fast when you need them if you label the boxes. 

Choosing the right storage unit

Storage units come in different sizes. Whether you want to store all your school supplies or need a small closet space to keep just the extras, you will find a storage space suitable for your needs. 

What matters is how you choose the space. Consider your specific needs and requirements before choosing a storage space. Make a list of all the things you will put in it. This will give you an idea of the size you need. Find out what you can and cannot put in the unit, check for any leaks or damages, and ensure the unit is clean before you start putting in your supplies. 

Speaking to a storage unit company like SecureSpace Self Storage (Spring Valley, CA) can help you choose the right kind of storage space for your classroom supplies. They have various size options and offer indoor, climate-controlled and units on different levels. 

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