Never-Heard-Before Things About Emulsion Paint


Emulsion paint is used for both interior and exterior walls of a home, and they are pretty durable and will not fade or crack when exposed to sunlight. This is a popular type of paint that many homeowners utilize, and it comes in a diverse range of colours, and it will surely make a home look appealing and welcoming both from the inside and outside.

Even these paints are currently in high demand, but there are certain things about which you might not know about this paint. So, are you interested to know some secrets about the emulsion paint? Then let’s get right into it! They are:

1. It’s Completely Water-Based

This particular paint is water-based, where the water plays the part of a medium to apply the colour pigment right on the surface where it will be painted. Once the paint has been applied, the water instantly evaporates, and the paint hardens due to the oxidation process.

Since it’s water-based paint, it’s pretty easy to apply and dries off quickly than other paint.

But during humid conditions, the paint will dry slowly. You can also wash the paint rollers or brushes with water without the need for any cleaning agent. But this should only be done when the paint is still wet.

2. The Volatile Organic Compounds Are Low

When it comes to interior and exterior emulsion paint, it doesn’t carry any type of harmful solvents. This shows that the VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds level is also pretty low in the paint. Also, emulsion paints do not release dangerous chemicals right into the atmosphere when drying, making the paint eco-friendly. The paints are also odour-free and are non-flammable at the same time.

3. It’s Highly Resistance to Sun’s Rays

When you paint the exteriors of your home with emulsion paint, you don’t have to worry about it getting cracked. This is because the paint is unaffected by the sun’s rays and will not become brittle with each time passing. High-quality emulsion paints contain non-yellowing agents, which offers effective protection from the sun’s Ultra Violet or UV rays, and it also protects the paint from fading out.

4. Excellent Resistance To Dampness

This paint is resistant to dampness or humidity. Because of such reasons, the paint is ideal for places like outdoor balconies, washrooms and kitchens. You can use a damp cloth for washing or cleaning to eliminate all the stains with no hassle. It’s guaranteed that paint will not come off if something wet is applied to it. Apart from preventing humidity, it can also stop mildew or mould from forming because it contains excellent antimicrobial properties.

5. It Comes In Many Finishes

The emulsion paints of today come with acrylic and vinyl resins as additives. These polymers form a non-porous and tough film on the painted area with numerous finishes like silk, satin and matte finish. Let’s learn a bit more about these finishes in detail.

  1. Matte Finish: This type of emulsion will give a non-reflective and non-shiny finish. Matte finishes stand out as an excellent choice when you want to hide all the imperfections like patches or dents present on the ceilings and walls. This emulsion paint is not washable, but you can easily clean it with a damp cloth.
  2. Satin Finish: This is another unique emulsion finish used by many homeowners. The satin finish comes with a semi-gloss sheen, similar to the eggshell finish. You can gently sponge or wash it to eliminate stains and dirt easily. Even if you use a soap-based formula for cleaning, the colour will not fade, and there will also be no cracks.
  3. Silk Finish: The silk finish emulsion is another type of finish that carries a high reflective surface. But the only downfall of this finish is that it can highlight all the imperfections present on the ceilings and walls of your home. This particular finish is pretty durable compared to others, and you can wash it with no hassle. Along with that, the silk finish will look good in areas like the kitchen, washrooms and stairways.

Wrapping Up

Emulsion paints have taken the world by storm. Many homeowners are using this paint for their residential property’s interior and exterior parts. It will not just make a home look beautiful and inviting, but it will also protect it from humidity, the sun’s UV rays, and mildew.



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