4 DIY home improvement ideas for all aspects of your property


If your home is due an update but you are lacking funds, this can be a dilemma. However, there are so many tasks that can be completed on the cheap and carried out by yourself at a low cost. Not everything has to be carried out by a professional company! As long as you set aside some extra time in the evenings after work, or over a weekend, you will be sure to get tasks completed quickly and efficiently. Continue reading as we provide you with some DIY home improvement ideas.

General home exterior spruce up

It is highly important to ensure that the garden space surrounding your home is maintained. Quite often, this is forgotten about as all attention is usually diverted to improving the inside of your home but realistically, the outside gives off the first impression. Maintaining your garden is such an easy DIY home improvement idea and although it is a dreaded task, it will make a significant difference. Take a trip outside and clean up any waste that has found its way into your garden, alongside this, remove any weeding from between slabs or within flower beds. Finally, if you have a pressure washer, make use of this by washing down any stains or grime from surfaces within the garden for a polished look. While you are outside, it may be a wise idea to check the condition of your gutter. The purpose of your gutter is to clear excess rainwater from the roof to prevent any damage or leaks however if this is blocked, it will be unable to do so. Waste and debris can find their way into the gutter making it inefficient, therefore, it is important to remove this. You can attempt this yourself or you can call out a professional which will be a lot cheaper than you would think. Click here for professional gutter cleaning services.

Paint aspects of the bathroom

When moving into a new home, hopefully, everything within the house will be to your taste and standard. However, sometimes, homeowners select a home to carry out renovation projects in the future, such as a new kitchen or bathroom installation. These types of refurbishments can be extremely pricey, especially if you are looking for a modern style from a leading retailer, and in some cases, a little extra time is needed to save. If this is the case, why not improvise for the time being and paint aspects of the bathroom to cover up any porcelain or ceramic tiles with paint. This DIY home improvement idea is the perfect option if your bathroom features old yellow or pink tiles that appear outdated and antique. Paint them with black or grey paint for a more modern style and this should assist as a temporary fix for a few years.

Add a stair runner

Carpet and wooden flooring can be pricey, and that’s not even including the installation costs. However, with an outdated carpet or flooring, it sometimes might be your only option to splurge out and invest in your floors. If it is only your stairs in particular that are showing signs of wear and tear, we have you covered! Investing in a low-cost stair runner could solve a few problems. Not only will this brighten up the stair, especially if the area is lacking colour, but it should also prevent the flooring underneath from wearing down even more. Although it covers the middle section of the stairs, either side of the flooring will still be on show, and this is less likely to be as rundown as the centre of the stairs, meaning that you will not lose the look from the original flooring that ties into the rest of your hallway.

Add a pop of colour

Quite often, homeowners opt for a variety of neutral tones such as white, beige, and grey within their home, this can lack texture and dimension due to the same colour or shade being used throughout the whole room. This is not to say that it doesn’t work for everyone, as furniture and accessories play a large part in this too however, inserting a pop of colour within rooms throughout your home can make all the difference. Adding in plush cushions, a throw, canvas art, or a rug with a simple pop of pink, green, or even yellow, will infuse some extra colour and will be sure to make a drastic improvement by making the space look less bland. If you shop around, these accessories can be purchased for a low cost. Our top tip is to buy cushions without a cover and purchase the cover separately. That means that you have the option to switch up the plush cushions at different points throughout the year, which is very fitting if your style and preference change regularly.


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