Kinetic wind spinner vs. Solar wind spinner


The wind is not the only energy source that a wind spinner uses. Along with wind, there are some other energy sources as well that work side by side to keep the spinner rotating constantly.

Solar energy, motor, friction, etcetera are some of the other energy sources that keep a wind spinner into a whirling motion.

For any reason, you may want to learn about the differences between a Kinetic wind spinner and a solar wind spinner.

Therefore, we are here to point out some of the important distinctions that are worth knowing between a kinetic wind spinner and solar wind spinner.

Without any further I do, let’s jump into it-

Kinetic wind spinner vs. Solar wind spinner

Category Kinetic wind spinner Solar wind spinner
Functionality Uses Fibonacci pattern or mathematical pattern Uses solar sensor and motor
Energy demand Requires a little breeze Requires either solar or wind energy
Vulnerabilities Prone to damages Lasts longer
Repairing Easy Expensive
Price Cheaper Expensive

A kinetic wind spinner will use a specific mathematical pattern to keep the wheel running all the time

A kinetic wind spinner or sculpture (whatever you call it) uses the most basic but intelligent construction to keep the wheel running constantly.

All it requires is a simple push or a little breeze to start the motion. Once the spinner gets into the flow, it will keep rotating all the time.

In most cases, a kinetic spinner will use a Fibonacci sequence to form a spiral to lay it out in a certain way.

For those of you who do not know what a Fibonacci sequence is; it is a kind of mathematical pattern to achieve some sort of constant movement with the least possible energy (or not at all).

A solar wind spinner will use a motor to keep the wheel running

Unlike a kinetic wind spinner, a solar wind spinner will include a motor and a solar sensor to keep the wheel running. At the same time, a solar wind spinner will also require you to have a little wind energy as well.

The functionality of a solar wind spinner is more like a wind turbine. The solar sensor collects solar energy from the sun rays, transforms it, and finally sends it to the motor so that it can keep the wheel running.

While a wind turbine will transform wind energy into motion, a solar wind spinner will use solar energy to do the same job.

A kinetic wind spinner can spin with a little breeze

A kinetic wind spinner seems to be more promising because the intelligent Fibonacci pattern allows the spinner to move even without the presence of lots of wind energy.

All it requires is getting the exact amount of energy to get into its full flow. Once the spinner gets the optimum energy, it will be fully autonomous to keep it going all the time.

The absence of solar and wind energy will make a solar spinner discontinuous

To keep a solar wind spinner running all the time, it must be exposed to certain energy sources. If the breeze is not sufficient, it must have solar energy to keep the motor running.

If there are no sun rays present, the wind must be strong enough to keep the wheel running. Otherwise, a solar wind spinner may not show any sign of functionality at all.

A kinetic wind spinner is prone to damages

A kinetic wind spinner tends to come with the most simplistic construction possible. Therefore, a very strong wind may dislocate the mathematical pattern that the spinner comes with.

Any sort of external interference may also cause a kinetic wind spinner to lose its overall functionality.

Therefore, a kinetic wind spinner may not last for a long time without any sort of interference.

A solar wind spinner will last for a long time

As a solar wind spinner uses two different types of energy sources, it can show animation almost in all situations.

Besides, a solar wind spinner comes with a solar sensor and a motor, which require it to have a strong construction.

Therefore, a solar spinner should remain more functional longer than a kinetic wind spinner.

A kinetic wind spinner is easily repairable

It is indeed true that a kinetic wind spinner may lose its functionality with even a little bit of interference. At the same time, it is also true that correcting the mathematical pattern will make a kinetic wind spinner functional again.

Therefore, you will always have the chance to repair a kinetic wind spinner with ease.

Once a solar wind spinner is damaged, it is quite hard to fix it

While a kinetic wind spinner is pretty easier to fix, a solar wind spinner may give you a tough time if by chance you damage it.

A dysfunctional solar wind spinner means either the solar sensor is not working or the motor has gone astray. The wheel of the solar wind spinner may also break or damage to prevent the spinner from moving.

For any one of these three reasons, you may need to put a hard toil into it to gain back its functionality. If you are using an expensive solar wind spinner, the replacement can even be expensive as well.

A kinetic wind spinner is cheaper compared to a solar wind spinner

Unless you are purchasing a complex Fibonacci patterned kinetic wind spinner with some extra features, a kinetic wind spinner will be cheaper compared to a solar wind spinner.

As a solar wind spinner includes a sensor and a motor, the price automatically goes higher.

Some of the kinetic wind spinners can come with a far higher price range to baffle you as well.

Spinner type Price range
Kinetic wind spinner $25-$150 dollars
Solar wind spinner $25-$200 dollars
Kinetic wind spinner with the complex Fibonacci pattern $100-$200 dollars

Final summary

No matter whether you go with a kinetic wind spinner or a solar wind spinner; learning about the differences always helps. Here are two interesting facts-

If you love a kinetic wind spinner, you must have an elegant and sophisticated mindset. Those who love solar wind spinners tend to have an analytical and logical mindset.

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