How to wire a double oven?


Are you adding or replacing a wall oven in your kitchen? It may seem not very comforting or even within your comfort zone, but it is fascinating to know that you can easily take this task independently. Yeah! You can wire a double oven and install yourself with some additional tools.

Built-in wall ovens look attractive and intimidating as they are built-in. However, the truth is, they are not challenging to replace once you get to know all the processes. There is a great need to know that double-oven comes in various widths like 24″, 27″, 30″, and 36″ and slips inside a cabinet. If you want to remove the cabinetry of the oven, you have to select another oven with the same width. The fact is, minor alterations are made without any extra effort, and this blog will deal with such conditions. Here is a complete guide as an overview of how to install and wire a double oven.

Step-by-step instructions

In terms of appliance installations, it’s crucial to read instructions and the manual for correct detail. Along with this, you also have to check your local ordinances codes to make sure that you are familiar with the procedure. If you are not expected or feel comfortable with wiring, it would be best to hire a professional.


  • Additional person
  • Installation instructions
  • Wire connectors
  • Cardboards


  • Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Non-contact electrical tester
  • 1″ drill bit
  • Flat-blade screwdriver
  • Measuring tape

Prepare to install your double oven

Prepare to install your double oven

Firstly, there is a great need to switch off the electrical supply from the fuse box. You can also use a non-contact electrical tester to ensure the power is shut off. As you remove the oven, it would be best to place the cardboard on the floor, as it’ll minimize the chances of causing damage.

Remove the old and new oven doors

If your old oven is being replaced, remove the old oven door first before releasing the anchoring screws. However, if you are replacing a double oven, you have to remove both doors before proceeding. Lift the range from the cabinet carefully and cut the electrical wiring with the help of a second person. As the double oven is heavy, there will be a need to remove the door to the oven to make the process easier. Place the door’s handle side down carefully.

Measure the opening of the cabinet

Generally, double ovens come in three various sizes like 30, 27, and 24-inch ranges. It would be best to measure your cabinet size in order to ensure that it’ll fit properly. You can also use installation instructions for complete measurements.

Find junction box

A junction box must be located 3 inches above or below the cutout. If there is no junction box, it may be behind the wall. You have to cut an opening in order to get access to electrical wiring. However, you can also check the instructions for the best double oven electric range for a complete installation.

Place oven feet

To attach the fleet to the double oven, tilt the oven onto its back gently and place it on top of the cardboard, with the help of a second person. How you will attach the feet significantly depends on the height of the cabinet cutout. However, the size of your cutout also depends on whether you’re installing a double oven.

Make the electrical connection

Make the electrical connection

After placing the fleet, stand a double oven where it will be installed. Connect the wiring according to the instructions and strip all the wires from the electric circuit. After that, connect the cables with the help of wire connectors determining the corresponding colors. Know the color codes like black, red, green, bare copper, and wire.

For gas ovens

If you have a gas over, wrap the thread seal around the valve nipple and thread the gas valve coupler tightening with an adjustable wrench. It would be best to check all the gas connections by brushing a noncorrosive leak-detection solution. If bubbles are found there, that means the leak is there. It would be best if you tightened with the wrench. When the valves are fully drawn, and ensure no gas leaks are detected, plug the oven into the wall.

Complete oven installation

You’ll again need the help of another person in lifting the double oven to its final installation spot. Secure your oven with all the screws provided. If you have removed the doors to make the installation process more accessible, reattach them with any trimming provided.

Keep in mind that a double oven range requires room for the electronic parts and the cooking cavity. For this reason, installing the oven needs to be done within a cabinet and in the wall.

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