What To Do If Someone Vandalized Your Property


Undoubtedly, brilliant painters embellish cities with their work, but doing so without permission on someone else’s property is a crime.

If you’ve been a victim of vandalism, you should consult with experienced criminal attorneys in your area to safeguard your rights and discuss your case.

If someone vandalizes your property, you should take numerous measures, including taking precautions to avoid repeat vandalism, starting with:

Filing a report

In many jurisdictions, property damage under $400 is a misdemeanor, whereas damage exceeding $400 is a felony.

Thus, making a police report holds the vandal accountable for their actions while also helping the cops track local vandalism.

Photograph any vandalism damage since the police report will ask you to provide photos of the damage.

A report may be made online, in person, or over the phone. Remember to bring your valid ID and describe the property damage in detail, including the replacement, cleaning, and repair cost estimates.

It’ll also be best to share any information you know about the vandals. Typically, one must file a formal complaint at a police station to get suspect information that’ll help you track the people responsible for the damages.

Submitting the insurance claim

While most homeowner plans exclude coverage for vandalism after 30 days (60 days in certain states), many firms will withdraw coverage as soon as they become aware that a house is unoccupied.

If your home is unoccupied, discuss with your agent how long it will be vacant and the necessary steps you will take to protect it.

Since your house is empty, your agent may need coverage from a specialized insurance company.

If your house has been vandalized, you should take the procedures outlined here to ensure you get the most out of submitting an insurance claim:

  • Call the cops and make a detailed police complaint. As it provides a complete and precise description of the damages that occurred, this report will be critical to your insurance claim.
  • You may attempt to mitigate the damage by boarding up a broken window, but don’t make any repairs until your claims adjuster arrives.
  • To submit a claim, contact your insurance carrier. Make sure you have all of the necessary documents to support your claim—an inventory, videos, and photographs of everything damaged will be helpful when completing your insurance claim.

Improving your security

You have several security options to protect your property. A competent watchdog may be as high-tech as sophisticated alarm systems and security cameras.

After making these preparations, post a sign explaining that the property is protected by these steps to deter vandals.

You may also get car security systems. Even if the car is lightly touched, vandals might be deterred by vehicle alarms that sound.

There are also various low-cost options when installing a camera for your home, which may cost you about $200.

A person who damages your property may be apprehended and punished using security camera footage. So consider the cameras as an investment that may pay off if vandalism happens.


Most of us consider our cars and homes our most significant assets, which should be protected against criminal damage.

Even if no one is physically wounded, this crime causes property loss and replacement or repair costs. And so, cleaning up vandalism and damage may be time-consuming.

That’s why it’s necessary to remain vigilant of your surroundings and keep in touch with a lawyer who can guide you about the legal steps you have to take to reimburse for your loss.

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