Keep Your Trees and Shrubs Looking Their Best with Professional Care


Adding just a few trees or shrubs to your landscape can work wonders for the appearance of your lawn. The right additions help break up your yard and can add some color and style to space as well. Once you install these plants you will have to care for them to keep them healthy and looking good though. This can be difficult to do if you aren’t used to caring for these plants. Take the time to learn proper tree and shrub care techniques or hire experts from who are professionally trained to keep these plants in good health over time for you. Either way, you can maintain the quality of your plants with enough care as long as it’s done properly.

Add Dormant Oil to Keep Insects Away

Each off-season dormant oil should be applied to both your trees and shrubs to keep the different harmful insects off your plants. By using the right oils on your plants you’ll all but remove any issues you’re having with insects from existence. Just be careful to apply the oils liberally on each of your plants and make sure that you choose an oil that’s safe for the plants you have in your yard. This is one of the easier care steps for you to take on but requires remembering to apply the oils each year.

Feed Your Plants Properly

Each year both your trees and shrubs need nutrients to grow and to remain in good health. In order to provide them with what you need you should be applying fertilizers to your various plants. This isn’t as simple as putting the oils on though. Different fertilizers should be used on different plants based on their needs and the soil composition surrounding the plants. It’s also important not to put too much fertilizer in the soil surrounding your trees or shrubs or you can do real damage to the roots of your plant. Be careful about how you add fertilizers around your plants or leave this task up to lawn care professionals. At King Green lawn care we have fertilization down to a science and we have fertilizer products that we use specifically for different types of trees and shrubs. Our care experts will ensure that each of your plants has just what it needs to grow up healthy.

Prune Them For Maximum Health

Both trees and shrubs should be pruned every year to keep them looking good and to preserve their health as well. Pruning can be used to remove dying portions of your plants or portions that aren’t growing effectively. By removing these unproductive sections you leave more growth potential for the remaining parts of the plant. Getting pruning right is difficult but it’s something that you get better with over time. Experts can prune your trees and shrubs to perfection or you can take the time to learn how to prune your plants on your own.

Apply Insect Repellants throughout The Growing Season

During the growing season, your plants are at the greatest risk for insect infestations. During spring and summer months it’s vital that you apply regular insect repellants and solutions to keep the pests at bay. If you aren’t careful about protecting your plants they could suffer from a serious infestation that could stunt their growth or even lead the plants to fail. There are tons of different insect and pest repellants available for plants, but you won’t know what works best for you until you test them all out. We make a living out of testing out all these different repellants and deciding which products work best for each type of pest. Our specialists can ensure that your shrubs never fall victim to a serious pest infestation. Let us help you keep your plants safe and you can rest assured that they’ll continue growing and looking beautiful for many years into the future.

Hire an Expert for the Best Results

Keeping trees and shrubs alive isn’t a difficult task, but that doesn’t mean that your plants will thrive either. Without detailed knowledge about how to fertilize, prune and treat these plants against insects you’re bound to run into some setbacks while maintaining your landscape. Instead of doing it on your own bring in experts that already have the experience needed to make the right care decisions for your yard. You’ll enjoy healthier plants and you won’t have to worry about keeping them alive throughout the seasons.  Be sure to check out great options for help from services such as professional tree care by tree doctors in Willow Park.

Hire an expert today and relieve yourself of the duty of looking after your tree and shrubs and ensuring that they enjoy healthy growth each and every season.

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