How to Properly Maintain Budget Garage Doors


As the owner of a set of garage doors it’s up to you to maintain those doors so they continue to function properly for many years. If you notice that your doors are getting creaky, or they are beginning to screech or make other strange noises during operation, chances are good they are in need of some lubrication. Taking just a couple minutes every few months is all you have to do to make sure those garage doors can continue opening and closing as they were meant to.

Clean the Tracks

The garage door tracks are one of the first things to gather dirt and grime over time. As sludge builds up within the tracks your garage door will stop rolling as smoothly as it once did and will go from a nice glide to a jerky lifting and lowering motion. Alleviate this issue by using a rag and some simple cleaning spray to wipe away any grime. Consider using a stiff-bristled brush to remove any very stuck on sections, but just a basic wipe down is usually all that’s required to clear away the gunk.

Lubricate the Springs and Hinges

With an appropriate lubricant such as WD40’s white lithium grease add just enough grease to the hinges of your door at their pivot points for them to move freely once again. The same treatment should be given to any springs in your system. Add enough lubricant for the springs to expand and collapse smoothly, but don’t add so much that it drips down to the floor or on your vehicle.

Carefully Lubricate Rollers

The rollers are responsible for enabling your garage doors to move back and forth in the tracks reliably. These devices are simple in design, but they must remain clean and lubricated to work properly. That means you should be cleaning them out with a soft-bristled brush, and that you should be applying the same lubricant to the bearings of your rollers. If your door uses plastic rollers take care not to get any grease on the plastic at all, it will wear out the parts prematurely.

Get Help with Proper Maintenance

If you aren’t sure about maintaining your garage doors, or you don’t want to be bothered with the task, it’s worth hiring specialists to do the work for you. At Covenant Garage Doors we have experts that understand how to apply proper maintenance procedures to your doors to get them functioning properly. This takes time and effort to do, but specialists can make quick work of standard maintenance efforts and restore your doors to proper function once again so its important to get help with garage door repair.

Have Your Doors Evaluated

If you’ve done proper maintenance and you still aren’t getting the performance out of your garage doors that you’re looking for, it’s time to call in the experts. Talk with a local company that works on garage doors regularly and have them send out a repair technician to your home. You can have one of these experts come to your house and look over the door to try and determine just what’s wrong with it. After a quick evaluation, you should be able to find out what’s going on with the door and if you have to have it repaired or replaced. A quick evaluation won’t cost much and could potentially save you a great deal if you can get by with a simple repair or if you will be looking for garage doors for sale.

Have Damaged Doors Repaired

The first instinct of most homeowners when encountering damaged garage doors is to replace them entirely, and this normally isn’t the solution unless the products are very old. Instead, the door components can often be repaired. Parts like the tracks, the hinges, the springs and the motor itself often require just minor repairs and simple maintenance to get them functioning as they are supposed to be once again. Our team of repair experts can handle most repairs than typical garage doors will require after years of regular use. Door repair services are an excellent value because they will help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to full door replacements, and the right repair services will restore your doors back to proper working order as well.

It’s important to maintain your garage doors carefully over time, and that means applying lubricants and cleaning out the moving parts frequently. Even when you do this eventually your door and its components is going to fail in some way. Make sure you have the right experts helping you evaluate the problem and make the necessary repairs to get your doors functioning as they are supposed to once again. This sort of help is an excellent investment for you to make.

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