How to Prevent Air Conditioning System Failure in Summer


Summer is here and you are praying you will make it without the air conditioner malfunctioning. It has let you down once or twice before and you do not want it to happen again.

When the temperatures soar, you need your AC to keep your home cool. The system must perform optimally but at such stressful times it can fail.

Working with a local HVAC expert will prevent such disappointments as they inspect the system and recommend preventative measures to improve the reliability of your system.

Common Air Conditioner Issues and What Causes Them

Even the most reliable ac brand can break down. This is because there are many issues that an aircon system could experience.

Faulty parts and improper installation are some of them, but also general wear and tear can cause unexpected issues too.

As a homeowner, it is important to understand how problems arise and what needs to be done to prevent them.

Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant is a common cause of AC failure in summer. It could be low due to leakage or it may have been initially undercharged.

A technician must first inspect it to identify where the problem is. If it is low more must be added, while if it is leaking, it must be repaired and tested first.

If it is extremely low,  the system will not operate optimally. It needs the right level for efficiency and proper performance.

Electric Control Failure

Electric control failure could lead to the air conditioner failing. If terminals and wires are corroded, performance will be an issue.

Experts suggest that frequent turn on and off should be avoided. It can lead to a worn out compressor and fan controls.

During the periodic checkups by a technician, these parts should be checked. Any corroded wire or terminal should be replaced immediately. This will prevent premature failure which is likely to happen if it is ignored.

Faulty Thermostat

If this part fails to work, then you will have issues with the air conditioner, especially in summer when it is frequently used.

If it does not work correctly, chances are it will fail. If it does fail, it will cycle on and off which will be quite frustrating.

Besides being checked and repaired, you can have a faulty thermostat replaced. The modern ones can be controlled remotely or set to automatically to adjust temperatures as needed.

Frozen Coil

Different issues will lead to a frozen coil. If the refrigerant is leaking, condensation drains are blocked, or the thermostat is defective, you can expect a frozen coil to eventuate.

Airflow problems result from blocked ductwork and dirty filters which can also lead to a frozen coil. To prevent this, ductwork and air filters should be well maintained with regular cleaning.

The other thing that could lead to this problem is frost around it. This should be removed if it is there.

Faulty Fuse or Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker and fuse issues are a common cause of air conditioner failure. This is so common that when there is a failure, a technician will first inspect these two components.

It is only after this that they check other parts. If you are knowledgeable about ACs, you can check before calling a licensed technician.

It could be that the circuit breaker only needs resetting or the fuse needs to be replaced.

What Needs To Be Done To Prevent Summer AC Failures?

Summer is the worst time to experience an air conditioning system breakdown. Humidity and temperatures in the house become unbearable and it gets worse at night.

Ensure Adequate System Maintenance

HVAC technicians will recommend maintenance appointments. Not adhering to them could lead to system failure when you least expect it.

Also, an annual tune-up is inevitable. The air conditioner should be professionally checked, adjusted, and cleaned at least once a year.

The best thing about the annual inspection is that major repairs and failures are easily prevented. Also minor problems are identified and repaired immediately.

Conditioning coils and filters should be regularly cleaned and the refrigerant adjusted accordingly.

Technicians also check the settings on the thermostat, test safety controls, test the units capability, ensure components are lubricated, and replace air filters where needed. The condensate drain is cleaned, damage and corrosion checked, and verify the system casing is intact.

Since the temperature in supply and return air could be a problem same as amps, airflow, and volts, they are all measured.

When summer comes your air-con unit will most likely be running continuously, so you want it to be running efficiently.

Work with a Trusted Air Conditioning Company

For the best quality services, embrace working with a trusted company. Most offer different products to ensure each system meets their needs as required.

If your air conditioner fails, this could be expensive for you. Some failures are only fixed with a new unit.

Reputable technicians do not only repair broken parts, but they offer many other HVAC services. They will upgrade traditional thermostats to smart ones, inspect wiring and pipe insulation, and change air filters.

The ductwork could also cause a major problem if it is not cleaned the same as old air filters. They will clean and change them respectively.


There are a lot of things that lead to air conditioning system failure in summer. The unit is made of different components that need to be well maintained.

Issues such as frozen coils, faulty circuit breaker and fuses, inadequate maintenance, and faulty thermostat are just some of these issues.  Also wear and tear of internal parts could also lead to a major breakdown.

As a homeowner, you should not face summer without an air conditioner. For this reason, be proactive and prevent issues.

Contact a trusted technician to inspect, clean, and prepare your unit in the months leading up to Summer.

In some instances, an upcoming problem may not be too obvious and this is where regular maintenance comes in. it should be done even when the unit seems to be functioning well.


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