Let’s Explore Some Inspirational Rugs in the Online Market


In today’s modern world, natural rugs are considered an essential element of home interiors. Rugs have a unique quality of awarding catching beauty to any home section. We don’t build a special place in our home to install rugs. We can place rugs anywhere we want. The right type of rug can elevate the display of the area where you fix them.

Our usual outlook to spread area rugs is no other than bedroom and living room but in contemporary age, rugs for every room are a necessity and a ruling passion. People are of the view that they used to buy several home decor items for beautifying every room before coming in contact with the rugs industry. But as long as they brought amazing area rugs in their home, they never felt a pinch to buy anything else for decoration.

Rugs are meant to be stationed for a lifetime in the home. People go for an easy solution and they manage to purchase a wondrous rug as an essential element of ornamentation. They think that area rugs are a lifetime remedy of their home decoration.

Rugs companies have invented a vast variety of brilliant area rugs for their worldwide customers. We want you to make a beneficial choice for which we are always ready to provide you a full guide. We want you to stay with us and we will accompany you on a journey to explore the world’s inspirational rugs.

Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs bore their name having origin from Orient. However, these are now being fabricated from other parts of the world too. Oriental rugs are in great demand all over the world owing to their exceptional features. Today, they are mostly manufactured in Asia and the Middle East is their top seller. Many countries like Pakistan, India, Turkey, Nepal, Russia, and China are designing Oriental rugs of superior quality. Each country exhibits elaborate designs and high-tech patterns in these rugs. As far their rates are concerned, their prices vary in every country on account of applying different materials, skills and techniques.

Oriental rugs give a magical beauty and appreciation to your dull and drab room. Oriental rugs are not just a matter of decoration, they deliver a feel of sophistication and luxury under your feet. These rugs impress people with their comforting appeal. Their first look is enough for making a decision to buy them.

What an ideal home that would be which luxuriates in keeping an Oriental rug!

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are famous for being the superior rugs in the rugs industry. Wool rugs are excellent to provide warmth and good feeling to your feet in the chilling cold nights. Woolen items have always been a favorite of the people living in colder regions. It is this reason wool rugs sell like hot cakes at the platform of RugKnots which offers first class wool rugs at cost-effective rates around the world.

Wool rugs express a royal appeal with their cozy material, flamboyant designs and attractive colors. These rugs are matchless because of their restful feel. A single wool rug is rich with piles of benefits for you and your room.

Wool rugs are durable and dainty at the same time. These rugs are soft and delicate, a little bit expensive but possess longer life span. The protection of their softness and delicacy is in your own hands. Try to display the rug in an area of lesser foot traffic such as the office, drawing room or dining room.

Wool rugs are also built by combining the strands of silk material. The rug’s construction with the combined strength of wool and silk threads bears a unique artistic expression. Don’t miss the chance of buying a wool and silk rug from RugKnots which homes world’s wondrous rugs in its online stores. Drop your order to buy an outstanding wool rug right today!

Geometric Rugs

Not all people are familiar with the worth of geometric rugs. The rugs which portray geometric shapes on them are called geometric rugs. These rugs display linear patterns, polygons and scaled designs to produce a modern look. The rugs though appear to be simple yet glorify the area where positioned. Instead of depicting floral patterns in so many colors, these rugs are crafted with recurring shapes and few conspicuous colors, thus alluring the beholders with their dramatic appeal.

Buying geometric rugs is a fashion nowadays. These rugs are a grand choice of rug lovers. The demands for majestic geometric rugs go on increasing day by day. The origin of geometric rugs takes us back some 5000 years. These rugs with intricate patterns and shapes are available at rugs markets yet geometric rugs are an ancient variety, about hundred years old.

There are numberless people who prefer geometric rugs to floral shaped rugs. Hundreds of rugs companies are shaping superb quality rugs and their stocks are available at RugKnots which is famous for providing inspirational varieties of rugs. Place your order instantly and buy lifetime comfort for your room at cheaper rates.

Ziegler Rugs

Ziegler rugs are the world’s unique rugs as their name indicates. These rugs take their name after a tribe or city where these ornamental pieces came from. People also call them Peshawar rugs or Chobi rugs alternatively. These rugs earned popularity in 1883 when a German company called Ziegler and Co. was set up in Manchester (England). The company mastered the art of designing and weaving these rugs from Europe and Iran and produced heaps of amazing Ziegler rugs. 

The creation of soft palettes in design is the characteristic of Iran rugs industry. The Ziegler rugs have acquired the time tested features of longevity, artistic patterns and awesome textures. The rugs are an awesome amalgam of ancient and modern. People love to buy Ziegler rugs offered by RugKnots. These rugs are fabricated putting years of experience, professional expertise and affectionate spirit in their roots.


RugKnots stands out to present magnificent Ziegler rugs and other versatile rugs at discount rates. Our artisans feel proud to impart their talent to create something pompous and sublime. We recommend you buy one stunning rug from the online stores of RugKnots and give an imperial look to your home!

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