How To Prepare For Pest Control Service


Pest control service offers various forms of exterminating pests such as insects, rodents, and other animals that inhabit homes and commercial buildings. Whether you need to get rid of spiders, roaches, or rodents on your property, a pest control service can help you out. A professional, licensed pest control service performs chemical, biological, mechanical and eco-friendly solutions to remove pests. You can also visit the Pelican Pest Control website to know more about pest control services.

However, before hiring a pest control service, it is important that you know how to prepare for pest control. Check out some  tips below:

Take Note Of Exactly Where You’ve Seen The Pests In Your Home

To ensure that the pest control service is effective, you have to describe to the pest control technician the exact location where you’ve seen the pests in your home or office. For example, if you have seen pests near your kitchen, be sure to ask them to inspect your kitchen area.  If your business is being harassed by pigeons, make sure to tell your pigeon control London expert where exactly they are congregating.

If your home or office has a basement, inform the technician about it because that’s where most pest infestations occur. You should also make sure you have a checklist of the pest species you see in your home. This will allow the pest control company to determine the best type of treatment to exterminate pests.

Scrub The Floor And Vacuum The Carpets Thoroughly Before The Pest Control Service

You should scrub the floor with soap and water to remove any dead cockroaches and eggs and larvae in your house. Also, vacuum the carpets and other fabrics thoroughly. Use a vacuum to remove dust and debris from the crevices, cracks, and hidden nooks. Seal off any potential entry points for pests and clean up your home to ensure your pest control service is more effective.

Clear Away Clutter

The pest control technician will need access to your property and all its nooks and crannies to apply the appropriate treatment. So it is very important that there are no boxes, bags, or other objects lying around on the lawn or anywhere else on your property. Also, be sure to remove all trash bins or dumpsters from the property tomake it easier for the technician to do his work.

Protect Your Pets

Ants and cockroaches are particularly attracted to pet food, so make sure you store it in a sealed container and that you inspect it properly to make sure no pests have infested it. You should also remove any dishes that have leftover pet food in them.

Pests also like to nest inside pet houses and dog beds. If you have pets, ensure they are not around when the pest control service is being performed because the treatments can be harmful to the pets if ingested or inhaled accidentally. In addition, you should make sure to maintain proper sanitation procedures in areas the pet visits at all times.

Put All Food Items Away

First, you should make sure all non-perishable food items such as cereal, rice, noodles, pasta, etc., are placed in containers or sealed bags. This will prevent pests from smelling and contaminating them. Most of the time, pests are attracted to the smell of food, so if you make sure your home is free from food odor, you will minimize their infestation to other areas.

Next, you should ensure that all your cans and bottles are closed and sealed. Put all cooking and eating utensils away to prevent contamination from pesticides. 

Move Furniture And Large Appliances Away From Walls

Pests like to infest spaces near food preparation areas and under furniture.  Moving furniture and appliances away from the walls will create adequate space for the pest control technician to reach all targeted areas. In addition, if you have carpets in your home, you should make sure that it is not covered by furniture so that the pesticide can evenly spread through it.

Pest control service can be an excellent way of getting rid of pests in your home or office and keeping them away. Pests like rats, mice and cockroaches are unhygienic and can compromise your health, while others eat away at furniture and wood fittings and may destroy your property. This is why you should take advantage of these pest control services to ensure your home remains pest-free. 

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