How to position fans to cool a room

In this hot coming summer, a lot of us are going to try different kinds of methods to cool their room. Because let’s be real, not all of us are fortunate enough to have ac in their bedroom. Just because you don’t have ac that doesn’t mean that you can’t cool your room in any other way.

Even a table fan placed at the right angle can cool your body in burning hot summer.

Don’t worry we will teach you guys some simple tricks to make your room cooler.

The best ways to position fans

You can place a table fan on many angles that favor you. You can use your fan to remove hot air from your room. A lot of houses have ventilator fans. In case your house doesn’t don’t worry, you can set the fan looking out of the window and turn it on. This way it will suck all the warm air from the room and vent it out of the window.

You can do the opposite too.

Find a suitable place

You can’t place one fan in every corner of your room. You need to decide where do you want the cool breeze more. If it’s your bed then place the fan in front of your bed. Make sure the fan head is tilted downwards and targeting the bed, not the other way around.

If you are using a ceiling fan then, I suggest you place it directly over your bed instead of the center. I understand you want to be symmetrical but being symmetrical won’t help you get better air.

Find the right angle

We talked about placing angle a little, but let’s talk about it in detail here. What we meant by the angle of the fan is, placing the front head of the fan towards the right side. It means if you are using a table fan facing towards your bed and the fan head is not tilted downwards, most of the air won’t touch your body when you lie down.

To fix that issue you can tilt down the fan head a little and it will face directly towards your bed. That way all the air will be transmitted towards you and making the fan more efficient.

Ceiling fans can be placed in only one angle that’s why they don’t count.

Use more than one fan if necessary

If you are using a small table fan then most likely it won’t cover the entire area of the bed. That’s why if you want you can use more than one fan. Table fans are cheap that’s why using more than one fan won’t break your bank.

If you are using more than two fans, I recommend using one fan as exhaust. Place that fan near your windows and make it face looking outside. What it will do is suck the hot hair of the room and send them back outside. Meanwhile, two fans from a different angle will keep your room and yourself cool.

Remove all obstacles that may block the fan

It applies to both sides of a fan. A table fan sucks air from behind and sends cool air through the front. If you place an obstacle behind the fan it will struggle to gather more air. If you place an obstacle in front of the fan it will hinder the performance too. If there is an obstacle in front of the fan for too long then the fan may get extra hot.

Get a liquid air cooler

Air coolers are now cheap. Trust me they are more affordable than you can imagine. They are not super expensive like AC. They don’t even consume much electricity. Most of the air cooler consumes less electricity than a smart TV.

Air cooler uses water as intake and makes it cool and sends it in the air. A lot of air cooler has ionizer. So, the cooler will keep your room free from dust too.

If you have read through every detail we mentioned so far, it will make sense. If you don’t want to buy more than one fan you can always go for an air cooler. Not all air cooler use water to cool down your room.

If you have any further questions left don’t forget to ask them.