10 Things You Will Need For Your First Home


Now that you finally have your own place and you are ready to move in all excited, you sure don’t want to dull your excitement when you realize you forgot to buy a lot of little things that make all the difference. Not to worry because I will make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did when I first moved to my house.

Also there are a few protective measures that I’d like to share that you should get the electrician, plumbing and especially for metal roofing sydney done (as in Sydney it rains quite a lot)  BEFORE moving in. Because it is possible that you are not the first person to reside in this place so getting everything serviced before moving in will save you of any trouble.

When moving places for the first time and now you’re all on your own and got bigger thing to take care of a lot of necessities are overlooked. You don’t realize that you don’t have these things until you need them and you stand there helplessly. Let me tell you of these 10 things you will need when you move to your new house so you don’t make the same mistake I did.

1. Drapes and Blinds

Get yourself something to cover your windows because you sure don’t want your first encounter with your neighbors to be all awkward while you are looking like a mess. Save yourself from this embarrassment and get yourself some drapes or blinds for all of the windows.

2. Cleaning Supplies

Things like broom and dustpan, sponges, toilet bowl cleaner and dishwashing soaps have to be on your shopping list. To buy things in your budget and save a little you can look at offers, you might get discounts for buying multiple products.

3. Home Security

This place must have been home to someone before you and you never know if the previous tenants still have the duplicate key so it is better to get the locksmith services Sydney offers. Getting a new door lock is not expensive at all and it gives you a sense of security so it is better to take precautionary measures than stressing over it.

4. Shower Curtains

Now that you are all on your own, the responsibility is all on you. Remember if there is water all over the bathroom after you take a shower, you yourself will have to clean it. With all the other stuff to do, trust me you don’t want more work. Reduce yourself that workload by taking precautionary measures. Better not forget to add shower curtain to your list. And these are available in different designs. It can add into your decorations and you can buy different curtains for different seasons.

5. Plunger 

While we are at it do not forget to buy a plunger. These are the things one might not remember when making a list for what you will need but if you forget that you will regret it when the need arises.

6. Flashlight 

In a new home problems will arise no matter how conscious we are, there is always going to be something that you missed. So better be prepared for any emergency. Remember now you have to be responsible whatever need arises. You have to be your own emergency electrician and plumber so you have to be equipped for an emergency. But do not try to deal with every problem yourself. Call for a professional when needed. While shopping for your necessities it is better to throw in some flashlights for an emergency.

7. Toolkits 

While we are at the subject, you will definitely need tool kits in case of emergency. So again, better be equipped for whatever need arises. And you can’t borrow a tool from your neighbor every time you will need it.

8. Lightbulbs 

Even if you have lightbulbs in your fixtures it is better to be prepared for the future. Always keep some spare light bulbs because the ones in use tend to stop working at the same time. You don’t want to be running around to buy yourself one when the need arises.

9. Can Opener 

Funny as it sounds but can openers are one of the overlooked things but here’s the thing you are going to regret not having one when you are all ready to eat and you don’t have a can opener to open the soup can.

10. Garbage Can and Liners 

Having that one little bin near your bed is not going to work anymore. You will need to buy a trash can and small garbage cans to put them in the bathroom, kitchen and the other rooms. Buy different sizes depending on where you need to put what size and the liners accordingly.

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