How to Choose the Best PVC Strip Curtains for Your Premises?


It is no secret that PVC strip curtains could be incredibly beneficial for businesses. They not only act as a strong defence against bugs, dust, and other potential contaminants but can also reduce energy consumption by allowing heat to enter or leave as needed.

PVC strip curtains are the best option for a cheap solution to divide the temperatures in your commercial area, lowering energy bills.

Consider these 5 factors beforehand to buy PVC strip curtains for your office or home.

1. Material

The material is the most important factor when purchasing PVC strip curtains because it comes in various materials and grades to meet different purposes. Polar-grade strips are required in freezer rooms since regular PVC strips would freeze and perhaps shatter. Polar-grade strips are made to endure extremely low temperatures. Curtains composed of antistatic materials may be necessary for crowded areas to avoid fires started by clothing friction.

PVC made for use in food storage areas may be necessary. This PVC type also complies with all significant EU rules governing food contact.

2. Choose the Appropriate Size

Once more, consider the purpose for which you will use the curtain before choosing the appropriate size. For instance, a strip curtain made of wide strips wouldn’t work well for an office entryway since it would be difficult for employees to push through. On the other hand, a warehouse door would not be suitable for a doorway constructed of thin strip curtains since it must be able to endure high winds and heavy industrial traffic.

3. Transparency of PVC Strips

Another aspect to consider is whether or how many of your PVC curtains should be translucent, as transparent curtains are simple to look through. It can be beneficial if you have employees operating large pieces of equipment. If someone is driving a forklift truck towards one side of the curtain, and someone else is driving a lorry towards the other side, the drivers will see each other through the curtains and avoid a collision.

On the other side, opaque curtains are useful for seclusion. Opaque curtains are the best option if you need seclusion between separate workspaces.

4. Colour of Your PVC Curtains.

Your PVC strip curtains’ colour is another thing to take into account. In addition to red, blue, green, and yellow, they come in black, white, and grey. You could want your curtains to coordinate with your brand’s colours. For safety, you might also wish to choose bright colours like orange or yellow.

5. Ribbed Strips

Since the ribs are the first to be damaged when a vehicle strikes the curtain, ribbed PVC Strips are the best option to survive the longest. As a result, the flat portion of the strip will last longer and be stronger. Since ribbed strips naturally resist static, they are also excellent for use as paths inside buildings. Normal strip curtains sometimes become static, making it more difficult for individuals to pass through. Consider curtains with ribbed strips designed, so they don’t cling together as much, making it easier for your personnel to move through them.


Now that we have seen and discussed the crucial factors to consider when buying PVC strip curtains, it will be simpler for you to purchase fully informed and knowledgeable. And remember that none are universal; you can modify them to meet your requirements. You may acquire the precise PVC curtains you need by picking the size, colour, and material.

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