Reasons why to Replace Bathroom Fixtures


The further use of old plumbing after long-term operation depends on its current condition, but we must not forget about the moral aging of some things. Modern manufacturers are trying to attract the attention of buyers with various innovations aimed at creating comfortable conditions. Therefore, to carry out major repairs and

completely replace the plumbing in the house is a beautiful solution to the issue. Many homeowners prefer this way.

Causes of wear and replacement of plumbing

The reasons for the wear of plumbing and the problems that arise are as follows:

  • corrosion under the influence of water – leaks in pipes, heating and plumbing appliances;
  • fungal infection – deterioration of the sanitary situation;
  • deposits on the walls of pipes of mineral and biological substances – reduction of water pressure, deterioration of heating, blockages in sewer pipes;
  • abrasion of moving parts – leaks in taps, increased water consumption for flushing the toilet;
  • careless handling – mechanical damage to plumbing equipment.

In case of frequent occurrence of these problems, the sewerage, water supply, heating networks and the corresponding devices need to be changed.

Other reasons for replacement may be:

  • moral aging of plumbing equipment, the desire to install devices with modern design and advanced functionality;
  • the need for modernization – installation of meters, water filters, modern household appliances, automation systems that increase the comfort of use and reduce utility costs;
  • changing the layout of the apartment – the need to move taps, sinks, baths, radiators, household appliances to another place;
  • expiration of the service life of sanitary appliances – the probability of failures in this case increases significantly.

What is the replacement of plumbing?

Unlike installation in a new building, replacement of plumbing is a more expensive service, since it is necessary to dismantle pipes and appliances that have served their time.

We must also not forget that possible leaks when using old equipment lead to rust, dampness and an unpleasant smell in the apartment. Therefore , her it is advisable to carry out the replacement in several stages:

  • cleaning the room, replacing pipes in the apartment and updating
  • other communications;
  • partial or complete finishing of the room;
  • connection of plumbing fixtures.

To carry out these activities, special tools and protective equipment will be required: a respirator, an apron, rubber gloves and caps, glasses and other accessories. Even with all this at hand, you will not be able to do all the work efficiently if you are not a qualified plumber. Therefore, it is better to entrust the case to professionals.

What is included in the works?

  1. Disassembly of plumbing in the bathroom and toilet. A bathtub, a toilet bowl, a drain tank, a towel dryer, and a shower cabin are subject to disassembly.
  2. Installation of a new bath. Assembly of the siphon, its installation and connection to the sewer. Waterproofing of joints, monitoring for leaks.
  3. Installation of a new toilet bowl, assembly of parts and installation of the tank. Installation and adjustment of fittings, connection to the water supply and sewerage system. Checking the tightness of the joints.
  4. Replacement of the faucet in the bathroom and shower. Connecting water pipes to the network, checking for tightness.
  5. Installation of the shower cabin: assembly of the pallet and panels, as well as other elements. Connection to the water supply, checking for leaks.
  6. Installation of bidets, water heaters, heated towel rails and other accessories.
  7. Connection to the power grid. If necessary, replace the wiring.

In addition, the list of masters’ services includes replacement and repair

of water supply and sewerage risers, installation of heating devices, installation of meters water. The process of replacing plumbing is not only long, but also time-consuming. It is necessary to take into account several aspects at the same time. Only a professional can take into account all the points and competently carry out the replacement. In the company they can replace plumbing fixtures efficiently and quickly. All detailed information about the company’s work can be found on the website:

Features of plumbing replacement

Emergency situations must be eliminated immediately. Replacement of worn-out and installation of new plumbing fixtures can be combined with ongoing repairs. When performing major repairs, the pipe wiring, all plumbing and heating devices should be changed. Complete replacement of plumbing requires careful preparation. It is necessary to draw up a project that should include:

  • a scheme of pipe wiring and arrangement of equipment taking into account ergonomics, distances to walls and floor;
  • selection of materials and pipe diameters taking into account pressure, throughput, water temperature;
  • selection of sanitary appliances taking into account technical characteristics, dimensions and design.

After drawing up the project, you will need to purchase materials, equipment and perform plumbing work. Each stage requires certain knowledge and experience from the performer, so it is better to entrust the replacement of plumbing to a specialized organization. The benefit is obvious – specialists will accurately execute the project, purchase materials at wholesale prices, perform plumbing work accurately, promptly, efficiently, and give a guarantee for the work performed.

The cost of plumbing work to replace plumbing

The kitchen, bathroom, and toilet are filled with plumbing fixtures. The comfort of living in an apartment depends on their functioning. Plumbing equipment wears out over time and must be replaced. Replacement of plumbing is associated with construction work, so it is better to combine it with repairs.

To find out how much it costs to replace plumbing, you need to measure and calculate everything in advance. First of all, the choice of new plumbing equipment must be made before repair. This allows you to determine the height of the vertical channels, as they are attached through the wall decoration. Replacement of plumbing, the price of which is quoted from the type of work, largely depends on the equipment. The best hygiene option is a suspended toilet, a half-tulip sink and an acrylic bathtub.

Additional Suggestions

  • Chrome bathroom fixtures are beautiful to look at and truly elevate the look of your home’s bathroom. However, they need to be properly maintained in order to retain their shininess and appeal.
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