How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Exterior Door in Ontario?

If you are planning exterior door installation, you would like to know more about the cost of such work and where you can find a reliable company that provides such services.

By reading this material, you will find out what is affecting the cost of replacing doors, and you will also be able to make sure that this redesign is much more affordable than you thought!

What Is Included in the Cost of Door Replacement?

Exterior door installation involves a variety of costs that will change depending on the opening dimensions and the type of door.

In general, the whole process can be divided into following milestones:


For this purpose, it is necessary to measure the height and width of the door frame, the depth of the jamb, and the height and width of the existing door.

Dismantling old door and frame

Apart from the dismantling itself, the specialists usually grind down the exterior trim. This is done because your future door will have a new casing, therefore there is no need to leave the old one.

Preparation for the installation of a new door

At first, the specialists check that the floor is level and the sides are straight.  The contractors must further verify that all four corners of the door opening are of the same size.

Actually exterior door installation

Depending on the type of door, it can be fixed with screws or suspended with a special system.

Finishing touches

The mounting is usually followed by the installation of locks and bolts, insulation and internal sheathing.

Average Cost of an Exterior Door Installation in Ontario

As you can see, exterior door installation requires the involvement of true professionals.

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