Considerations to Know When Buying a Stihl Chainsaw


If you are thinking about buying a chainsaw, you might be wondering what the best kind to buy is. There are many factors to consider when making this decision. For example, how much do you intend on using your chainsaw? Or how demanding the intended work will be? In addition to these considerations there are others that should be taken into account when you are looking to buy Stihl chainsaw or a high-quality cordless electric chainsaw and here are just few most important ones to get you started!

Know your needs – do you need a chainsaw for occasional use or regular use, and what is the average size of wood you will be cutting

When it comes to the size of wood you plan on cutting, typically a chainsaw with an 8-inch bar length will be sufficient for smaller logs. However, if you are planning on using your chainsaw for heavier or more demanding jobs, then I would recommend investing in one that has an 18-inch bar length.

The type of chainsaw is also very important – most people use all the power they can get which means gas powered chainsaws are most common. If money is not an issue and you do not live within city limits (i.e., they don’t offer housing or any area with noise ordinances), then my recommendation would be to go ahead and invest in a gas powered model.

Consider the engine size – larger engines are more powerful but require more fuel

Consider the engine size -larger engines are more powerful but require more fuel. Fuel is expensive and larger engine sizes lead to higher operating costs. If you can, go for a smaller engine that’s more fuel efficient than your needs demand because it will increase the life of the machine, which leads to lower cost per use, which leads to increased time before needing replacement. You might want to buy Stihl chainsaw if you are looking for durable equipment- Stihl offers consumer products that are mainly targeted towards homeowners and small businesses who need equipment for occasional or seasonal use.

Think about how often you’ll use it – if you only plan to cut firewood once in awhile, consider buying an inexpensive chainsaw

If you only plan to cut firewood once a year, then I would suggest purchasing an inexpensive chainsaw that will produce the maximum output without costing too much. Chainsaws are great for cutting logs, and they can hold up against branches and larger pieces of wood. If this is going to be a hobby- rather than occasional- you’ll want higher quality items with warranties available in your area or dialed in for purchase.

Consider the weight of the chainsaw – lighter models are easier to handle but may not have as much power

It can be difficult to find the right chainsaw for your needs. The weight is as important as the size and power, as you need to use all three parts of your body – arms, shoulders, and back- for this work.

Your more powerful gas saws are generally heavier than electric versions of the same size or lighter models. It’s important that you don’t have too much weight on top of the saw with one arm reaching out in front while it’s strapped on to your back so if possible you might look more favorably at an electric model since many are made light enough for most people of average strength to use without being constrained by their environment.

Look at safety features like chain brake and anti-kickback bar

Stihl offers a wide range of safety features for various types of saws. Chainsaws are designed to cut through trees, so accidents happen. To protect you from chainsaw injuries, Stihl added a chain brake and anti-kickback bar features every chainsaw can have. Make sure you chose the correct model that fits your cutting needs to enjoy perfectly safe work!


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