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With so many activities in our schedules ranging from our typical jobs and projects to our workout routines, finding time to perform basic home cleaning is challenging. In that case, having a professional house cleaner on your speed dial who can handle anything from laundry services to vacuuming is crucial. Thankfully, a few home cleaning companies like BlueSpring cleaning specializes in this field and offer exceptional customer services and efficient home cleaning.

Various factors contribute to the overall cost of home cleaning. Depending on the company in question, the price can range from $20 for a single-bedroom home to $300 and above for a four or more-bedroom house. To have a clear sense of home cleaning costs, here are the pricing methods used:

Factors Considered While Pricing a Home-cleaning Service

Our residential places are not alike, meaning that cleaning costs will vary. The cleaning company will charge based on factors like the size of your home, the condition of your house, type of cleaning, location, and how often the cleaning will take place. All these factors come into play as they directly affect the time used to clean as well as labor and raw materials.

1. Residential size

Big homes demand more effort, time, and concentration, therefore costs more. The cleaning company can base its cost on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or the general cleaning area by square foot.

2. Condition of the home

Homes with tough stains and large amounts of dirt will be more costly to clean. That includes places that have been deserted for a while.

3. Type of cleaning

Types of cleaning like regular and deep cleaning also alter the general cost. If you want a comprehensive cleaning, reaching deep areas like the ins and behinds of home appliances, a deep clean is your go-to. But for typical maintenance, choosing a regular cleaning service that demands less work is best. The latter costs less than the former.

4. Your residential location

Just like marketing costs, traveling costs add up to the cleaning company’s expenses. To cover such costs, most cleaning companies raise their charges. So, you might pay higher cleaning costs if you reside in remote areas.

Cost for Regular Cleaning Services

Most people prefer regular cleaning for a home maintenance service. It’s a simple and cost-efficient service that involves typical tasks like mopping the floor, vacuuming couches and chairs, making beds, and dusting kitchen cabinets. The general cost often ranges from $ 70 to $175.

Cost For Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is more extensive and time-consuming than regular cleaning. It involves more intense work like scrubbing floors and bathrooms and accessing hard-to-reach areas like behind the living room and kitchen appliances. Home cleaning companies use various methods like rate per hour or cost per square foot to calculate the overall cost. The general price for a deep cleaning service ranges from $0.20 and $0.30 per square foot to $200 and $400.

Cost Per Hour

Most home cleaning companies charge per every hour they spend cleaning your home. That means the more the cleaning time, the higher the fee. Unlike general cleaning, deep cleaning involves a team of workers cleaning more spaces at a go. Thankfully, this strategy saves time and minimizes costs.

The hourly rate is normally calculated for every individual cleaner. The average cost for each worker is $40 to $60 per hour. That means you’ll pay double the price for two workers taking an hour to complete the job. This price will also increase depending on the complexity of cleaning the home. It tends to take longer cleaning larger homes than smaller ones. A house that has not been used or cleaned for a while consumes more time hence, higher cleaning costs.

Cost Per Square Foot

Besides the cost-per-hour approach, a company might decide to charge per square foot. That means the wider the footage, the more the charges. Some home cleaning companies start with the general cleaning rates then add on any necessary deep cleaning charges on the overall cost. Cost per square foot can be altered by the number of persons performing the task, although to a small extent.

The above overview will give you a general idea of how much a cleaning company should charge. This will also help you save time and effort to estimate different quotes by having a free consultation with our experienced home cleaning professionals. You do not have to pay too much for cleaning services; always do some research before hiring a cleaning company and ensure to hire a professional that will leave you satisfied.

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