How to Choose a Concrete Leveling Company

Concrete leveling is a process where the ground below a concrete slab is uniquely leveled to avoid uneven settlement. You can even use this operation on slabs that have already been poured. Some examples that would require concrete leveling are ground-leveling parking lots, highway underpasses, and foundations for new buildings. This guide strives to explain concrete leveling and how to choose a concrete leveling company.

Why is Concrete Leveling Important?

The most significant benefit of leveling concrete is to increase the lifespan of the slab. If the entire ground is leveled, it will allow for a more even distribution of weight on the concrete, preventing shifting and cracking. For example, suppose a parking lot has a slope towards one side due to uneven ground. In that case, water tends to pool in that area and causes a lot of damage to the concrete. The longer concrete stays beneath the water, the softer it becomes and eventually leads to damage.

How Is it Done?

The first step in leveling a slab is to create an excavation around and under the concrete—this allows workers to reach down deep enough to place fill beneath the slab. The fill is then compacted with a roller compactor.

How Long Does Concrete Leveling Last?

The lifespan of concrete leveling is dependent on the quality of the materials used to create fill. Compacted fill tends to last longer than non-compacted fill, but the level of compaction will vary based on personal preference.

How to Choose a Concrete Leveling Company

There are various considerations in choosing the best concrete leveling company, and these include:

  • Check for a License

A license from your local county or state is a good indication that a concrete leveling company is legitimate. Rely on the safety record of the company. A good company will have no problems with safety records; however, it is not necessarily an indication of whether or not the company will complete work as expected. Meanwhile, consider opening the link to contact a trusted concrete saw hire service provider.

  • Check Out Their Work.

If you can go and check out their work firsthand, this will give you a good idea of their work quality. If possible, go during regular business hours or if evening hours are available to get acquainted with working on concrete slabs.

  • Ask for a Quote

Request a concrete leveling quote from the company. If they cannot provide a quote, this could indicate that the company may not be legitimate. Prices are always negotiable when dealing with concrete slabs because even though they have increased in cost over time, there is no reason why a concrete slab cannot last for decades before needing to be replaced.

  • Check References

A concrete leveling company should have a minimum of three positive references to back up the quality of their work. When interviewing references, ask questions about the company’s level of professionalism, attention to detail, and how long the project took.

  • Ask Questions

Asking questions is the best way to get an idea of a company’s customer service. If there are any questions regarding the concrete leveling process, then these must be answered by the company representative. Many companies will have certificates about their concrete leveling experience; however, it is important to remember that not all have been certified.

  • Get Recommendations

If the concrete leveling company has good reviews, this will indicate that the company is legitimate. You should ask for references and recommendations from local sources such as your city’s or county’s building department, family, or friends. The last thing you want to do is hire a concrete leveling company that does not meet the required code requirements of your area.

  • Consider Your Budget

If you are working on a concrete leveling project with a tight budget, then a smaller company that does not have as much overhead as other larger companies may be your best option. Check out information from other websites such as Yelp or RateMDs and obtain a few companies’ quotes.

Level Your Concrete Right

Don’t forget that concrete leveling is an industry that is constantly evolving, which means that the concrete leveling company you hire may not be the same company you hire ten years from now. This service can be provided by independent contractors, sub-contractors, and even local contractors in some areas. If you’re searching for an experienced concrete leveling company that can get the work done right, reach out to Concrete Raising – E&F Contracting Inc for more information and a quote for your project.