How Do Outdoor Heaters Work?


If you’re trying to figure out how an outdoor heater works, you’re not alone. Patio heaters are comforting, and they help you relax and stay comfy during those chilly fall evenings. Most outdoor heaters are either categorized as fuel or electric variants. However, regardless of the type of the product, they mostly operate through the radiant heating process that allows even distribution of heat in the area. Of course, the heat might be moderate or strong depending on the BTUs of the product and that is all the more reason why you need to check the BTUs before making the final call.

In case you’re looking for a detailed insight into how outdoor heaters work, continue reading to know everything you wanted to know about it.

The Basic Mechanism of Outdoor Heaters

As you probably know at this point, outdoor heaters are classified as either fuel or electric-powered. However, heaters powered by natural gas are incredibly popular because they can depend on the existing gas that is available in your outdoors, garden, or patio. The biggest highlight of these heaters is that they have a clean burning mechanism and are therefore sustainable. Additionally, you wouldn’t experience much hassle to maintain them either. The only caveat with these products is their price point and the installation. Most of these heaters are highly expensive and need additional professional assistance. When you are looking to handle these natural heaters just get a professional installation expert to get them installed and then turn them on. Right after that, you can enjoy the warmth you always looked forward to.

The next outdoor heater in line is the one powered by propane. The major underlining factor of these heaters is that they operate very quickly when compared to other counterparts. Next, they are highly portable meaning you are no longer expected to stay at a specific location in your outdoors. However, like natural-powered products, these products are highly expensive. To add to that, you would need to get a high-end tank to contain the propane which will only increase your expenses.

Finally, we have electric outdoor heaters that are incredibly easy to operate and install. The best part: you wouldn’t need to depend on professionals to get these installed. The only issue with these heaters is that they burn slightly slower than their fuel counterparts. Using an electric outdoor heater is simple because all you need to do is plug the device into the outlet and let the device do the rest for you.

Regardless of the outdoor heater you use, the device will probably be powered by radiant heating. But what is radiant heating in the first place and how does it work? Well, that is what we are going to explore in the following few sections.

How Do Outdoor Heaters Operate?

Whether you are using the fuel or electric variant of the patio heater will typically depend on the usual process of radiant heating. To put it simply, heat will travel through the air and you will effectively experience the heat and comfortable warmth from proximity. To establish radiant heating, you would need to heat the material at a specific temperature and once it is hot enough it will exude heat via electromagnetic waves allowing you to truly experience the heat.

Depending on the patio heater you use, it might also be powered convection where the electricity is transferred via resistors or alternate materials that exude electrical currents. Following that, the electricity is converted into heat and is spread evenly across your outdoors. While these devices are sleek and compact the only issue with them is that they aren’t as energy efficient as the former variant of the outdoor heaters.

Bottom Line

Outdoor heaters are simple devices that start to operate from the moment you turn them on. Most patio heaters use either convection or radiant heat to evenly dissipate the warmth around the area. The intensity of the heat will be higher if the outdoor heater comes with more BTUs. Additionally, you also need to place the outdoor heater at the right location so it can effectively spread the heat in your outdoors. Finally, once you follow these simple guidelines you will have your outdoor heater working for you just the way you wanted.

Outdoor heaters are a great investment for anyone seeking to improve their backyard, patio, or deck area. Whether you want to make the most of the cooler months or just don’t want any smoke, an outdoor heater is a great option for you.




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