What is a Bump-Out Addition?


Though we typically think of home renovations and extensions as massive projects that require detailed planning permission, there are also smaller renovations that you can complete on your house. One such renovation is the bump-out addition which, as its name suggests, is an exterior addition to a building that creates extra space without the need for foundation work. Keep reading to find out exactly what bump-out additions are and why your home could benefit from one.

What is a Bump-Out Addition?

A bump-out addition is an addition made to the outside of a building that increases its overall square footage without reaching the scale of a total renovation. Per the name, these additions literally bump out the size of the property, typically built onto them above ground level. One example of a bump-out addition is a balcony, which provides a small extension for an upstairs room without taking up too much extra square footage.

Most bump-out additions are smaller than the size of an average room, so they don’t count as full-scale renovations. They are minor installations that don’t take as much time or labour as whole room or floorplan renovations, with some as small as one or two feet of space. An example of a slightly larger bump-out addition is a granny flat, which isn’t a massive addition to a home but wasn’t part of the original floor plan. By increasing the overall square footage of your house, bump-out additions can also increase its market value.

Do You Need a Permit to Install a Bump-Out Addition?

The answer to this question differs depending on where you are located. Some local authorities consider bump-out additions to be minor jobs that don’t require planning permission because they aren’t extensive renovations, whereas others consider all renovation work to require approval. If you’re not sure, it’s best to look into applying anyway and find out if your local authority considers bump-out additions to require a permit. Seeking further information will set your mind at rest and allow you to enjoy the planning process for your new addition.

Who Can Install a Bump-Out Addition?

As with any renovation, you should always employ professional home renovation companies when deciding to add a bump-out addition to your home. They’ll be able to bring your idea to life, drawing up plans, inspecting your home and then putting in all the hard physical work to construct the addition. Even if you feel confident enough to attempt a small renovation like this yourself, it’s always safer left in the hands of an experienced contractor.

Home renovation companies will be well-versed in installing all kinds of renovations, so a more minor job like a bump-out addition will be no problem for them. You’ll be able to work within a smaller renovation budget for a bump-out addition too, so you won’t pay as much for materials and labour as you would for a longer, more complicated job.

Reasons to Install a Bump-Out Addition to Your Home

There are several great reasons to install a bump-out addition to your home, including:

  • You get more space to enjoy in your home.
  • External additions, such as balconies, look attractive.
  • You can also use a bump-out addition to increase internal space without paying for an entire interior renovation.
  • It is cheaper than paying for a full-scale renovation, like the creation of a garage.
  • The bump-out addition will raise the property’s market value.
  • They give you an external space to enjoy if you don’t have a garden or yard.

How to Decide if a Bump-Out Addition is Right for You

Sometimes, minor renovation jobs might not seem worth doing because they aren’t extensive changes to your original home. However, if you would like a bit of extra square footage but don’t have the time, desire or budget for a large-scale extension, a bump-out addition is the perfect solution. They allow you to extend certain rooms a little bit so that you’ve got more space, and they go a long way toward completely transforming your home.

It’s a good idea to create drawings of potential bump-out additions so you can see how they’d look on your home. A professional can create these for you and show you how your house’s layout will be altered as a result. Though small, bump-out additions really can completely transform a space, both internally and externally. If you’re already limited on outside space, a bump-out addition can provide a place to enjoy the outdoors beyond looking out of your windows.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your dreams for your home, your renovation budget and the amount of work that you’re willing to have done. But if you think a bump-out addition is right for you, research potential home renovation companies to find out more about having one installed. Then, when your mind is made up, kickstart the process and prepare to reap the benefits.



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