Hire an Aluminum Scaffold Tower to Make Construction Work Safer

The key to a successful construction company is safety at work. You can’t take your workers for granted and expect them to climb great heights without any safety precautions. That’s just pushing them off a cliff with no parachute. Instead, you can aluminium scaffold tower hire to make your construction sites safe. These scaffolding structures are appropriate for massive construction projects. They prevent accidents as workers get firm support while climbing to the top.

An accident to one of the workers is not just expensive for you; it’s also a concern for his family. And you have the chance to prevent that by hiring an aluminum scaffold tower.

Setting up the scaffolding

Fortunately, you don’t need to erect the scaffolding. The company renting the scaffolding will send a team to check your construction site, before setting up the tower. They usually follow two methods:

1. Through the trap – Also known as the 3T system, one of the operators will work near the trap door on the platform. This guy will add or replace any component that becomes a guard rail on any level. It avoids any type of obstruction while working. Moreover, it ensures that your workers have a guarded platform to work on.

2. Advanced guard rail – This system is slightly different from the above. Here, the experts will lock several temporary guard rails just below their level. They move these structures slowly to the platform above. This gives your workers a permanent structure to hold on to while working. It makes working at great heights so much easier than before.

The team sets up a structure according to the building’s shape and size. And the steps mentioned above solidify the tower to make it safer for the workers.

Tower’s stability

The aluminum scaffolding company should offer extra precautions to make the tower long-lasting. Heavy wind or storm shouldn’t bring the tower down. And so, the installation team uses locked castors and base plates to anchor the tower down into the ground. It also provides appropriate balance to the entire structure. Balance is crucial to maintain the scaffolding’s stability. Instead of building blocks and bricks, they use locked castors and base plates as the latter offer better stability against extreme weather conditions.

Apart from these two reinforcements, the installation team also uses stabilizers and outriggers to make the scaffolding durable. The team takes a look at the blueprint of the building you are planning to work, before sending the scaffolding. This gives them time to design the scaffolding, tailor-made for your building’s structure.

How to find a good scaffolding company?

First of all, always carry the blueprint of your building whenever you talk to one of the executives of a scaffolding company. This will help them give you an idea about the approximate cost of setting up the aluminum scaffolding tower.

Secondly, don’t hesitate to ask about the types of reinforcements the company will use to hold the scaffolding to the ground. Look out for keywords like stabilizers, outriggers, locked castors, and base plates.

Safety is crucial for any construction company. With an aluminum scaffolding, your workers will feel safe when they climb to the top of the building.