How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door?


A noisy garage door is something that needs your immediate attention. You are going to open and close the garage door several times and day and hearing the unpleasant sound can be frustrating. This noisy sound is not only irritating but also an indication that your garage door needs repairing. Auto garage doors need periodic maintenance, and you need to have your garaged door maintenance kit ready for the job. If you have tried your best but could not resolve the noisy sounds, consider hiring Capital Garage Door Orleans experts.

With so many mechanical parts and electrical wiring, problems in the garage door are inevitable. But leaving the garage door like this is also not a wise decision. Instead of hearing these sounds every day, let’s work on the solution.

The best-recommended method is to hire the services of the Capital Garage Door Orleans expert, but DIY tips may also be useful for general issues. Don’t worry about fixing the garage door because most of the issues can be solved with simple tools and don’t require the replacement of parts. Experts can help you to determine the root cause of noisy garage doors till then; here are some ways to fix a noisy garage door.

Tighten the Loose Parts

If any part of the component of the garage door is loose, it will cause vibrations while opening or closing the door. Metal parts make the most noise, and tightening the loose component is more likely to resolve the issue. Your first priority should be tightening the nuts and bolts along with the door. You may have to put some effort into this task if you have not tightened the nuts and bolts for some time.

While tightening the nuts and bolts, make sure to follow all the safety instructions and don’t over-tighten the components.

Lubricate the Mechanical Parts

Any part, which moves on metal, needs to be lubricated after some time. The friction between the moving metal parts generally produces irritating sounds if not lubricated properly. You can start by oiling the hinges, rollers, and springs.

There are different types of lubricants and oils available for the garage doors, and you need to repeat the process every two months. The process of lubricating the garage door won’t take more than a few minutes.

How to Lubricate Garage Door Rollers?

The door rollers are cylindrical parts of the door that keep the door connected to the frame and the track. For the metal rollers, you can easily use the petroleum roller spray and clean the extra amount of the lubricant after the process.

For the nylon rollers, the lubricant is not recommended. These rollers don’t need any type of lubrication, and using petroleum products may cause more damage. If you hear a noise with the nylon rollers, there might be another reason behind this issue.

How to Lubricate Door Hinges?

Each garage door panel has hinges. These hinges fold the door while moving up and down. You may hear some irritating noises during the process, so use some lubricant to get rid of these noises. While spraying the lubricant on hinges, make sure that hinges are clean and there is no visible dust on the hinges.

How to Lubricate Springs?

There are two types of springs in common garage doors, torsion springs and the other springs that you will find on the track on the other side of the garage door. If you feel confused about these maintenance tasks, you don’t need to worry as Capital Garage Door Orleans can help you to with complete maintenance.

Replace the Broken or Worn Out Parts

Any broken or worn out bearing may also produce noise in the garage door. If you still hear the irritating noises even after the lubrication, any part is worn out and needs replacement. The replacement of the worn-out part needs you to have the appropriate component and the tools required to get the job done. While dealing with such complicated issues, it is always a good idea to seek an expert’s help. Doing all of this on your own may cause even more damage.

Keep your Garage Door in Mint Condition

With appropriate and timely actions, you can save yourself from bigger troubles. You need to consider resolving the issues as soon as you hear the noises. You can schedule periodic garage door maintenance appointment with Capital Garage Door Orleans.

Additional Suggestions

  • You may need lubricants for door hinges to deal with noisy doors that may sometimes cause disturbance to you and other people inside your home.
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