Heating solutions for Households

We never get to know enough about how swift our lifestyle remains when we feel the heat. Most times of the year, the household can’t be comfortable without proper heating systems.

Conventionally, we have quite inefficient heating systems installed that cost us fairly when it comes to maintenance and recurring expenses.

We tend to use different heating solutions as per our needs. More or less, we neglect a proper plan beforehand, and then we have to make changes.

We experience heating in two major forms, either air (atmosphere) or water. The latter is more crucial to most households. Water heating systems are essential to a house throughout the year.

The heating solutions to our hot water needs are cheaper than the central heating system of any household. There are many options available right now, including the older ones that most people opt for or stay. At the end of the month, they end up paying more than what they should’ve.

An introduction to Water Heating Systems

Finding the best heating solution may not turn out to be tricky if we choose after identifying our 7-10 year need.

There are types of heating solutions you should know before selecting the right one;

Gas operated water heater (geysers) – more of a conventional solution

These geysers usually contain a 100L-150L tank which is to be heated through a gas burner. The water remains warm for several hours before it needs to start burning gas or LPG with potential again.

Electric Storage tank

Electrically operated, with large capacity storage tanks. These are cheaper to install, but the energy and maintenance cost is higher than other water heating systems. They might have a tank of 200L-250L.

Solar hot water and heat pumping systemsĀ 

The name says it all. The initial ones are solar panels-based heating systems, which also need a small amount of gas to maintain temperatures for a long time. Energy-efficient but one-time fixed cost is drastically high and many households may not find it the right solution.

The latter works like a central ducting system. It uses air outside to heat the water through pumping.

Instantaneous water heating system

Instant water systems are the cost-efficient and suited solution for 2-3 people and to cater one to two bathrooms. Within a matter of seconds, these systems use either gas or electricity to warm the water. They operate on either gas or electricity.

These heating systems don’t need huge water storage or plenty of time to warm water.

What’s more efficient then?

Instantaneous Electric Water heaters

This could be the best choice when we evaluate fixed and maintenance cost, consumption of energy, and less wastage or recurring heating to the same amount of water.

Instantaneous electric water heaters from Culm Stores are the most environment-friendly, maintenance-free heating product. They are easier to upgrade with a better value to money.

They commonly offer one with a 3L tank and also with a 70L tank. It totally depends upon the number of people.

Instantaneous electric water heaters only use electricity when you open the tap. You just need a good flow of water coming to them.