7 Amazing Apps for Concrete Contractors in 2021


With the ever-changing technology world, there is a need for various industries to take upon the same to match up different trends that come with the transformation. The concrete industry has not been left behind in this digital transformation. It is much easier to access your previous projects, look through similar projects and share some of your best work through various applications. The applications made it easy for concrete contractors Oahu, but they have also helped improve their efficiency.

You do not have to worry when making invoices from orders made by clients. You can quickly log into an application that will calculate you on every concrete material you need therefore providing you with a rough estimation.

Read on to find a great application that you should get as a professional concrete contractor in 2021:


ezClocker is a simple to use job site time clock and scheduling software. Ideal for construction companies with crew members who work at different job sites. Each employee can use their own phone to clock in/out and a GPS location is captured so the employer can verify the worker was at the correct location.

If you would like to use one device where all employees clock in from then you can use the ezClocker kiosk app built for tablets. The kiosk app allows you to convert your tablet into a portable clock-in device. Other features ezClocker offers is the jobs list feature where it allows you to assign jobs to employees so when they clock in they can pick the job they are working on which helps with labor job costing.


With a unique management system, smartBidnet has been designed in a way that you as the contractor can conduct a bidding process with a subcontractor or company. It is an application with an easy-to-use interface for both most experienced concrete contractors. Not only are you able to carry out a secure bidding process but also track your bidding records.

This app is excellent for bidding on the type of company you want to be established with. You do not have to wait until a contracting company contacts you; instead, you reach out to a sub-contractor of your choice, therefore saving time and money. In addition to this, smartBidnet enables you to sync documents on projects that you have worked on.


This application has taken up very fast, being the most used app in the construction industry. GoBim allows you as the contractor to navigate through various models using the 3DBIM model.

Furthermore, you can handle any data that a client has provided. However, GoBim has limiting factors in that there is only a limited number of triangles, parameters, and materials to use when accessing the application.

Finger CAD

This application allows you, the contractor, to draw any contract project using your fingers with a computer’s help. An added advantage is that you can save the work you draw, edit it and send it via email. As a contractor, the designs you make in the CAD application can be saved in several formats. You can pick a personalized form.


Among the most impressive applications that you as a contractor can use is the PlanGrid app. PlanGrid has remarkable properties in that it has updated versions of various drawings used in the concrete industry. As a contractor, you can publish any latest illustrations you come across and send them to your colleagues.

Also, this app shows old versions of a drawing you just did. The most distinctive feature about the Plan grid is that it will alert you if you update an older version of your drawing when uploading an updated part. This helps you as a contractor to know what versions you are using in various pictures and projects you decide to take.

Fast Concrete Pad Calculator App

You do not need to worry about not knowing the amount of concrete to use in projects. Fast Concrete Pad Calculator App enables you to calculate quantities of concrete that you need during your projects. It also calculates rebar costs and waste materials. Make your work easier when calculating the amount of concrete while using this application.

Procore Project Management

This app is excellent to use, especially for specialty contractors. Procore Project Management application has various features such as RFIs, drawings, photos, inspection, and budget. As a contractor, you can take photos of similar projects and tag the specific location directly from the app. It is a great application, especially for contractors to share and compare tasks they want to work on with their colleagues.

DeWalt Mobile Pro application

This application enables you as a constructor to have a full-featured platform with reference materials and details available on both google play and iTunes. It is essential in helping you with various projects as it has illustrations and examples of similar projects. Moreover, with the DeWalt Mobile Pro application, you can access your past calculations and even share them through email.

With that being said, these applications are of great help to you as a professional concrete contractor. You can learn more and improve your work with the use of these applications. They will help in various projects, most importantly, the tasks that need focus. You can review them and choose one that is suitable for you.

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