Hardwood Flooring Tips and Short Guide

Planning to replace your floor with hardwood? There is no better idea than this one. The hardwood floor does not just look good, it is super easy to clean, maintain, and refinish. However, one can only enjoy all the perks of a hardwood floor if he has chosen and installed it right or hired a hardwood flooring company. Therefore, before heading for the purchase, know how to order and install it. Here is the short guide and a few tips that would help you in choosing and installing the hardwood floor well;

How to choose hardwood?

Type- At the time of purchase, you will be required to make a few choices. There would be two types of hardwood; solid and engineered. Solid wood is made of planks of solid wood such as Oak, Maple, and Hickory. Whereas, engineered wood is a layer of plywood and hardwood. 

Wood species – It’s important to know that several types of wood are used in hardwood flooring. You would have to pick the right wood species as well. Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Koa, and Cumaru are the few options you will be made to choose from. Get to know all these wood species to make a rational decision.

Grain pattern and color – Color and grain pattern are just as important as the type and wood species. There would be a bunch of grain options such as Plain Swan, Rift Swan, and Quarter Swan. The color and grain pattern do not make any difference, you simply have to choose according to your preference. 

Type of finish; Whether it’s solid or engineered wood, the hardwood floor comes unfinished or pre-finished. The pre-finished hardwood floor is a better option, it is a bit expensive but easier to install as compared to the other option. 

How to install hardwood?

Hardwood floor installation is usually simple as well. You have to give the hardwood planks some time to accumulate in the environment, it typically requires 4 to 7 weeks. Once the suggested time is given, you have to prepare the area. Clean the area and place spacers. If it’s solid wood nail it and the engineered wood must be glued to the ground. Trim the excess, paint if the floor needs to be painted and you are done. It’s important to know that sometimes the whole process is not that simple. Therefore you should always get guidance from a professional regarding the installation and try following it as well.

Helpful tips

  • Purchase hardwood floor from a trusted supplier
  • Use quality underlayments and adhesives
  • To prevent cupping or shrinking, leave the wood floor to accumulate in the environment
  • Test the moisture using the moisture meter
  • Take time in preparing the subfloor to prevent uneven floor
  • Lay all the floor first and begin installing the floor when the whole area is done
  • If you are installing the hardwood floor over the existing floor, consider using the floating floor
  • Nail the hardwood floor with manual nail guns
  • Install the small planks with adhesives
  • Do not attempt to install the floor yourself, it is better to handover the job to the professional