How do you put your man in a romantic mood?


Everybody has their mood swings and what makes them horny. However, since everyone isn’t the same, sometimes your partner isn’t in the mood for any romance. This might be because of work stress or one of any number of our daily challenges. You need to be able to read your partner before making any romantic moves

Both of you need to regularly cuddle and play with each other’s bodies to spark up romance. If your man isn’t in the mood for any freaky stuff, here are some great tips you can use. 

Get some scents 

Scents such as vanilla have a good odor which can put a man in a sensual mood. There are many vanilla-scented candles you can get which can immediately change the disposition of your man. All you need is to light them up in the bedroom or around the house, and your man will take the hint. 

Play some cool music 

Music is a key which opens even the darkest of hearts. There are times when men are down and need something to change their mood, some blues songs can do justice. Asides from blues, R & B and soul music are also great suggestions. These songs have good melodies which will raise a man’s senses and soothe the heart. If you notice a negative attitude from your man, just put on some music. 

Give him some massage 

When your partner feels rigid and frazzled out, you could offer him a good massage. You don’t have to be an expert to do this, all you need is some oil, lotion and gloves. To make it more romantic, you could strip down to just pants to give him a good view.

Get some nice scents around and touch his weak points. Within a few minutes of continued massage, he will get turned on when you touch the right places. For additional sensual pleasure, you can blindfold him with clean material. 

Use some sex toys

Sex toys can be the extra spice that can turn your partner’s mood around. We recommend you visit a reputable site if you are buying dildos online. If you aren’t knowledgeable about these toys, for some suggestions head to this website. There is nothing more exciting than experimenting with something new in the bedroom.

Engage in Dirty talk

If you are in a sensual mood and your man isn’t, start talking dirty. Dirty talks put a man in the mood even when they are down. You can send him a sex message, or send a voice note with how you will like to go down with him. Seductive words especially when used indoors can have that profound effect on your man. Naughty words are great to change the mood of your partner. 


There are times when your man won’t be in the mood for cuddling, romance or sex. However, you can turn things around by using the above suggestions to get your partner to move close to you. Using BestSex toys, talking dirty and playing blues can change the mood of your partner positively.

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