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Handmade lace and long train wedding dresses online for a wedding dress is the most popular choice. Kind of a timeless classic, as lace itself, is one of the most refined and elegant materials in wedding fashion. Lace fabric emphasizes femininity with an exceptional taste. The fragile female figure of the bride, wrapped in lace patterns, creates a natural festive charm. Experienced tailors of the wedding dress tailoring workshop choose the best threads, and all the patterns are designed according to the designer’s unique drawings. It is impossible to overestimate the value of a custom-made wedding dress.

Lace is different

Depending on the element of the wedding dress, lace comes in different types and techniques. The main difference will be the fragility of the embroidered fabric and the technique of its execution. Handmade lace is undoubtedly the most complex and takes much more time to sew. The most delicate lace for a wedding dress top, for example, will be made of fine silk threads, and the feeling it gives the skin is simply incredible. Embroidered lace for the corset involves more robust and coarser silk thread, which will further keep the shape of the dress. At Cicinia, you may find the most exquisite sequin top with lace skirt bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. Different types are harmoniously combined even in cotton wedding dresses, which today demand future brides. You will find additional help from professional masters in choosing a wedding dress here. The Cathytelle workshop produces handmade lace for its wedding dresses, so the best support and advice will be provided by recognized masters.

French lace Calais

This lace is made in France in the city of Nord-Pas-de-Calais. This region has long been famous for its luxurious lace – thin and delicate, like woven air. Floral patterns are traditional for this type. Usually, this lace is not decorated with beads or shiny rhinestones because it is considered so exquisite that even the curtains here will be excessive and heavy. Wedding dress in the style of bohemian chic in their models often has the same lace kale. The sophistication of the latter further emphasizes the incredible effect of the dress. Floral patterns with a wavy finish make this type of lace very recognizable.

Feel free to ask the above masters how best to combine such a delicate lace with a model of a wedding dress that you like. Don’t limit yourself to snow white. The variety of pastel colors of wedding dresses is precisely what distinguishes Cathy Telle from the mass market and other workshops. Here, designers create their unique models of dresses for future brides, inspired by masterpieces of classical art and high feminine qualities, which the bride embodies.

Chantilly lace

Chantilly lace is a classic elegant black lace. Its delicacy can be argued only with Calais. This lace is created by hand from special silk threads. In technology and with the involvement of machines, synthetic and cotton threads are additionally used for greater strength. In France, this braided lace became popular in the 15th century thanks to Catherine de ‘Medici, who had just returned from Italy. It was too expensive to order such fabric in Venice, so the monarch decided to create a local production.

In this city north of Paris, white and black lace was first created from silk and linen threads, later only black. In the middle of the XIX century, French lace became so popular that factories for its production opened even in Belgium, and dresses with lace trim could afford only the wealthiest people because of the high cost.

Pearls lace

This type of lace is used on tops or skirts to enhance the festive effect. The advantage of this type of lace is its visibility, as it is very dense and decorated with rhinestones and pearls. The borders of this lace fit perfectly to the bottom of the wedding dress and seem to create a valuable frame for the whole outfit.

Among the variety of wedding dresses and select lace trim, it is challenging to choose your option. It requires the immediate help of masters of their craft. Without their advice and pertinent questions, the future bride is doomed to wander the gardens of the paradise of their unshaped dreams.

Brilliant wedding dress

If you like a shiny princess outfit, you can opt for a tulle or satin model. The bottom of this dress can be embroidered with lace ornaments, and glossy satin will add a special sheen under the top layer of silk. Such fabrics create a magical flicker of light, and the bride’s wedding dress itself begins to shine. For such a model, we can recommend a train for the marvelous majesty of the image. It can be decorated with the same lace as a dress.  Also be sure to check out the right jewelry options by going to luxurydiamonds.ca for all your needs.

Lace sleeves or a bareback girl pageant dress, delicately covered with unique patterns, will be an alternative to the model. The delicate silhouette of the bride will emphasize the waterfall of light fabric, decorated with a wide belt: in such models, a well-balanced loaded bottom with an elegant, simple top.

Any dress from the above workshop will fit for a romantic and feminine bride. A relaxed silhouette with ruffles and flowers, or bohemian chic – the choice is yours. For example, the A-line silhouette will add height to the bride and beautifully reveal her shoulders, keeping the natural waterfall and comfort from a loose gown. Calais or Chantilly lace will create a romantic image and requires special attention. Here it is important not to overload with accessories or other small details – handmade lace is the main decoration of the bride.

Obviously, the cost of handmade lace will emphasize the bohemian image. When you like glitter, and the more it is, the better, you can always consult with your master – how to tastefully enhance the brightness of the wedding gown of this special woman – the bride.

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