How to Throw a Garden Party This Summer


During the balmy summer months, hosting a gathering outdoors just might the perfect way to entertain. An afternoon spent with good friends on a warm, sunny deck or patio can help chase away any lingering winter blues. If you’re hosting a backyard party, it can be hard to find enough space for all of your guests. A tent is the perfect way to accommodate large groups without taking up too much space. A gazebo tent can be the perfect setting for a garden party. The best time to hire a gazebo tent for your garden party is when you are having a summer party. These tents are perfect for keeping children entertained outside at the park or garden party. If you’re thinking about throwing a garden party this season, here are some tips for preparing for your event.

Get Your Space in Shape

Before you launch into your plans for hosting a backyard party, it’s a good idea to make a clear-eyed assessment of the space you’ll be working with. You might find that it’s time to consult an expert in outdoor living remodeling Los Angeles to help you makeover your yard. For throwing parties, you’ll want several conversation areas with comfortable seating, and you should think about adding umbrellas or awnings to provide shade. Having an outdoor kitchen can make it much easier to prepare food and have chilled drinks at the ready for your guests. A Manhattan Beach interior design firm can help guide you in remodeling your backyard so it’s always ready for an event.

Pick a Theme

While beach and tropical themes are good choices for almost any outdoor gathering, you can really emphasize the “garden” in your party by centering your event around flowers that are in season. You might feature large event tent rental arrangements that are bursting with floral splendor, or better aim to plan your party when your garden is in full bloom for natural decor. Encourage your guests to dress in floral shirts or sundresses to suit the setting.

Set the Menu

Guests attending a garden party don’t typically expect a heavy meal, so simply plan to serve a few hors d’oeuvres and light bites. You can keep your offerings on-theme by incorporating as many fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables as possible. Learn how to cut a kiwi and other fruits so you can make a beautiful and tempting looking fruit salad. Don’t bother with anything too lavish; crudités, salsas, and a vibrant fruit salad can be set out for noshing, while grilled flatbreads featuring fresh tomatoes and arugula could be a good option for something more substantial. A sangria might be the ideal make-ahead drink, and you can cap everything off with a fresh berry tart for dessert.

Plan for Inclement Weather

Regardless of how much prepping you do for your party; Mother Nature may have a say in how your event plays out. Working with an expert in interior design Santa Barbara in planning your outdoor space can be a smart move if you’re a regular entertainer. They’ll aid you in selecting fabrics and furniture that can withstand the elements and keep their good looks, and they can design sheltered spaces around your yard that will allow your guests to remain comfortable should a little wind or rain make an appearance.

To host a memorable garden party this summer, start by making sure your space is ready for a gathering. If your backyard could use some refreshing, consult with an expert in outdoor living for a makeover that will get your garden ready for entertaining. Then you’ll be able to plan a lovely event and welcome your guests in style.


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