Guide to the Major Air Conditioning and Furnace Manufacturers


Most homes today are installed with air conditioners and furnaces, which help in keeping the homeowners cool during the summer season and warm during the winter season.An air conditioner is a system used to cool down space by removing heat from the area and moving it outside through ventilation. They are like a heat pumpbut instead follow a cooling cycle.

A furnace, on the other hand, is a heater or boiler used to heat up residential homes and commercial buildings. It has a thermostat that detects temperature rise or fall, which sends the signal to the furnace that heats oil or gas. The heated oil or gas is then distributed throughout the house via a system of pipes, heating up the house.

If you are having a new house built and looking into installing an air conditioning system and a furnace, it’s essential to look for the best ones in the market. This way, you can ensure that you are getting the best experience and that safety is prioritized. With this, it is better to know the leading air conditioning and furnace brands that you can choose from. To help you, we are giving you a list of the major air conditioning and furnace manufacturers.

Major Air Conditioning Manufacturers

The field of air conditioning is one of the largest and most diverse industries in the world. It has a history of more than a hundred years. That’s why it’s difficult for many people to imagine life without this industry. Through the years, there are companies that have set themselves apart when it comes to quality, service, and global presence. Here are some of the major air conditioning manufacturers in the world.


Hitachi is the very first air conditioning company. It’s a Japanese conglomerate that was founded in 1910. The first product of this company was an induction motor, but it wasn’t long before it made headway into the air conditioning market. This brand is known to supply low-consumption air conditioning units. Their products are regarded as some of the most reliable and efficient in the industry. Self-cleaning motors and filters are some of the innovations that further add to the value of their products.

LG Corporation

LG is a company based out of Korea and was founded in 1947. This company is focused on customer satisfaction and quality manufacture. Aside from that, environmental concerns are also important to them. With this, most of their air conditioning models are efficient. They are minimally obtrusive, and many people prefer them in homes and offices. Some of the AC features that made LG a major air conditioning manufacturer are their jet cooling systems and inverters.

Carrier Corporation

Carrier has manufacturing facilities globally. It is considered to be the largest air conditioning manufacturer in the world. It is also strong in commercial buildings’ HVAC applications like chillers and airside equipment. The brand name marketed besides Carrier includes Payne, Weathermaker, Weathermaster, Bryant, Aquazone, and Centurion, to name a few.

Daikin Industries

Daikin Industries is a company in Japan and the pioneer in VRF or Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC systems. This system varies the refrigerant flow to the room that needs cooling or heating, depending on the demand. It can also provide both cooling and heating at the same time in different parts of the house or building. Daikin Industries is the second-largest HVAC manufacturer in the world next to Carrier.

Lennox International

Lenox International was founded by Dave Lennox in 1895 in Marshalltown, Iowa. It was later sold to DW Norris in 1904. After that, it has evolved and became one of the major players in the HVACR industry. Aside from air conditioning systems, they also produce and sell other products globally, including furnaces, thermostats, air purifiers, and garage heaters, to name a few.

Johnson Controls

This company was founded in 1885. It was known before as Johnson Electric Service Company. In the present time, it is a public-listed company in NYSE, which is headquartered in Cork, Ireland. One of the many businesses of Johnson Controls is HVACR. They sell HVAC related products, including chillers, air handling, air distribution, packaged and split DX systems, and more. Some of the brands carried by this manufacturer are Metasys, Sabroe, Tempmaster, and YORK.

Major Furnace Manufacturers

When it comes to furnace brands, doing research is essential to find the best one for your home. The best furnace manufacturers provide value for money and offer quality equipment. Here are the major furnace manufacturers that you can choose from.

Goodman Manufacturing

Goodman furnaces offer high-quality customer service and durable products. This manufacturer also provides excellent value for money. It has been long known in the industry for quality and services. The furnaces they offer are reliable and come with a strong warranty. Aside from furnaces, they also manufacture air conditioners, heat pumps, ductless systems, and more. Goodman Manufacturing also owns two of the top brands when it comes to furnaces, which are Amana and Daiken.


Bryant has the same technologies as its more well-known brand counterparts, such as Day & Night and Carrier, but it offers furnaces at more affordable process. This manufacturer also uses almost the same internal components in their furnaces as Day & Night and Carrier. It has a high reputation among furnace manufacturers and installers.


Rheem manufactures high-quality furnace that is also ranked in terms of price. It is a reliable and durable furnace brand, making it a great choice for homes. They also sell air conditioners but are not known for being incredibly reliable. However, getting a furnace from them is beneficial for homes.


Daiken is owned by Goodman Manufacturing. It offers excellent value for money, and it uses top-quality technology to make furnaces. Daikin furnaces are known to last for many years. This is also an affordable brand, and it provides energy-efficient furnaces and other home appliances.


Amana also falls under the Goodman brand. It is popular in the industry for being durable, affordable, and economical. It uses the same technology and internal components as Goodman does, making servicing and repairs quick and easy. The furnaces it offers are gas-powered and come in high efficiency and standard efficiency models. Aside from that, Amana also has coordinating systems that pair a furnace with an air conditioning unit for reliable energy savings and comfort.

These are the major air conditioning and furnace manufacturers out there. When you go out and search for a good air conditioning system and a furnace for your home, try to look for these brands as they can surely provide a reliable service and good quality experience in your home.

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