Growing Tomatoes in the Containers: Tips to Take Care of


The production of tomatoes globally is 130 million tonnes. A tomato plant is considered to be a Holy Grail for numerous gardeners. If you are growing tomatoes in the containers, you are either going to be satisfied or the entire process is going to be a disaster. At certain times, almost nothing can be done for preventing your tomato plants from failing because of the bad weather, critter problems, or late blight. There are certain things that can be done for improving the success of the tomato plants.

Read on to know about the tips that will help you to be successful even when you are growing tomatoes in containers.

Using big containers

A crucial tip that you have to consider for ensuring the success of your tomato plant is using a huge container. For a single tomato plant, the container should have 1 square foot of space. A 5-gallon bucket is considered to be the ideal size for a single plant. Numerous people suggest that you grow herbs or other kinds of plants in the same container, but according to the experts, this should not be done because it is going to provide the tomatoes with a tough time to get the sufficient moisture that they require. Ensure that the container is filled with the perfect quality of potting soil and ensure that you also have the ideal drainage.

Watering only when required

The success of the tomato plants is by watering them consistently, which is one of the biggest challenges for the tomato plants that grow in the containers. Your main objective should be keeping your soil moist. The automatic tomato watering system will be responsible for ensuring that too much water is not in the soil as the roots of the plant can rot. Also, little water is responsible for making the plants weak, which is something that you do not desire as well. If you use the conventional containers for the tomato plants, you need to protect the tomatoes by ensuring that they are in a properly sheltered area.

Feeding the tomatoes

You cannot miss feeding your tomatoes regularly. Most of the potting soil, which is required for growing any kind of plant in the containers, does not contain any nutrients. Some also have fertilizers mixed, and hence you should ensure that you are checking the bag. If the potting soil does not have fertilizer, you can add the good quality slow release fertilizers and mix it thoroughly in the entire container.

Letting the tomato plants get sunlight

Most of the people tend to overestimate sunlight. In order to get a healthy and happy container tomato plant, you should ensure that you are placing the plant where they are going to get enough sunlight. If you see that the plants are not getting proper sunlight, you need to move them so that they get the required amount of sunlight.


Growing tomato in containers is probably one of the most daunting tasks as compared to growing them in your garden. Ensure that you are following all the tips that are mentioned above so that you are happy with your harvest.

Author Bio: Anthony Karen is a Business expert who has been running many agriculture seminars and public discussions. She also manages her blog and reviews the agriculture-related details provided by authentic sources.

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