Four Things to Consider Before Starting a Kitchen Renovation


If you want to renovate your kitchen, there is a lot to think about. You need to know what you want, what your budget is, and you need to hire an expert kitchen design company who can help you get your dream kitchen on your budget. Before you go jumping in, here are five things to consider before starting a kitchen renovation.


A kitchen renovation is often a struggle for many families. If you have a big event coming up such as the birth of a new child or exam season, is this really the right time to be having people in and out of your home? Depending on what you are having done, you may not be able to use your kitchen for a while, so choosing the right time where it will impact your life the least is crucial. Summertime is a great time to renovate, as it means that you can take a barbeque and eat outdoors, or simply find another space in your home for basic cooking essentials like a microwave or portable stove.

Finding the Right Designer

When renovating your kitchen, you want to find a designer or design company who can make your vision a reality, all without costing a fortune. Finding a good design company is an essential part of the process and it is best to shop around before choosing one. Check out customer reviews and websites to get a good feel of each designer. Treasured Spaces Inc. works with those living in Minneapolis to renovate their kitchens into a beautiful and better space.

Know What You Want

It is all well and good knowing that you want to change your kitchen, but if you don’t know what color scheme you want, what kind of appliances you fancy, and how big or small you want the area, you won’t be of much help to the designer. Whilst they may be able to give you ideas, you at least need to have an idea of how you want your kitchen. Take pictures from magazines or the internet for inspiration.

Know Your Budget

Understanding how much you have to pay for your kitchen renovation prevents any nasty surprises. You should have a clear budget set out so that you can find builders and pieces for your kitchen at a fair price. It may be what you want is out of your budget range, in which case, it is worth changing your ideas or saving up for a little longer before the renovation. This is why speaking to a designer is so important, as they will be able to give you an idea of whether what you want is going to be within your budget or not.

A kitchen renovation can be hard work but being ready makes the process a whole lot easier. Have a clear budget set and have a good idea on what you want your kitchen to look like. When renovating, don’t demolish old kitchen parts, often, you can recycle or sell old appliances and parts, which could be used towards your new kitchen.

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