Five ways you can breathe new life into your home


No matter how much effort and time you put into decorating your home and making it perfect, it’s inevitable that you get bored of looking at the same imagery every day. Luckily, with just a few changes here and there, you can make your home feel instantly brand new. Here is what we suggest.

Bring some more light inside

If you notice that your rooms look muted, you might want to consider changing the lighting in your home. Ensure that your kitchen is well lit to make cooking easier and that your dining room is bright and welcoming. You want your rooms to exude the right mood.  A new chandelier or a lamp serves double in their function, adding to the brightness and being an excellent decorative item.

A fresh coat of paint

Getting a fresh layer of paint over your worn-out walls is one of the simplest things you can do to make your home feel new instantly. Not only will this make a big difference in the appearance of your home, but it will also transform the mood. You can get as creative with this project as possible, from colorful accent walls to simple and elegant nude colors. If you want to ensure that your paint job will stand the test of time, you can hire a professional to do the job for you. If you are located in Calgary, you should consider hiring these experts in interior painting in Calgary.

Add some houseplants

You don’t always have to go big to see a difference. Adding plants to your house is a popular and quick way to breathe new life into your home. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, plants are also a significant health benefit. Experts suggest putting a plant near your desk to reduce stress levels. With a wide variety to choose from, you decide how much time you will put into their upkeep. This makes them a perfect addition to every house.

Decluttering the space

For many people, this is a task that you want to delay for as long as possible. However, this is a great place to start if you want to see instant changes. When you throw out all the things you’ve been keeping “just in case” you need them, you’ll realize just how much free space you actually have.

Some of the items that you don’t give a second glance at can be exactly what someone else is looking for. You can even earn some money selling some of those things. If you don’t want to sell, consider donating to your local shelters.

Buy new decorations

Opposite to the previous tip on our list, maybe your home is missing some items to make it feel complete. Well-chosen accessories can make your home feel alive.

You can start with small items, like buying a candle with your favorite scent. Candles are guaranteed to make the atmosphere more inviting and cozy. You will feel better smelling your favorite scent in the morning, and it looks nice just sitting on your coffee table.

If your walls have too much empty space, you can choose a clock, some colorful artwork, or even some picture frames filled with your favorite memories and bring elegance into your home.

Another minor change you can make to breathe new life into your home is replacing your accent pieces. Change the old throw pillows in your living room with patterned ones that add the perfect pop of color. You will feel like you brought a brand new couch. In the bedroom, you can replace your bedsheets which will refresh your room and make snuggling in them much more enjoyable.


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