How To Decorate Your Home To Look More Elegant


Decorating your home is exciting, but it can be boring and stressful if you don’t know where to start. Trends are changing every second, there are so many unique things you can find – so how to properly decorate your home? Elegant homes are timeless, they look nice no matter the season or year, so it’s a good aesthetic to choose, as it’s also flexible so you can truly make it your own! If you are lost and have no idea how to find the perfect items, here’s how to decorate your home to look more elegant and transform it in no time!

Get inspired

First things first, before you go out and buy a bunch of decors, it’s best that you get inspired first! There is a reason why Pinterest is so popular, a lot of people use it in order to get inspired and to find the desired aesthetic – this way you can know what you are looking for when you head to the store. Pinning interesting pictures and creating a board can help you have a clear and coherent vision of what you want – you can also look for a specific kind of aesthetic and make your search even easier. This is way better than accumulating random bits and pieces and just hoping that they will look good together!

Social media is your best friend

Social media is filled with interesting designs and bloggers who are promoting a certain aesthetic. If you are looking for clean-cut, elegant spaces, try to find influencers or bloggers who share the same passions as you. This way you can snatch great items and get inspired for your own home! You can also ask people where they get their decor from for bonus points, so you don’t spend lots of time and energy wandering around and looking for interesting pieces yourself!

Practicality vs. aesthetic

So you want to make your home look more elegant, it’s easier than you think! When it comes to elegance, you should focus on keeping things simple and practical – almost effortless! You don’t need any extravagant and over-the-top pieces, minimalism is all the rage nowadays, and for a good reason! So you should focus on getting practical items that go together, rather than a bunch of seemingly aesthetically pleasing things that don’t go together! You just want to make your space look and feel effortless and like you haven’t put too much thought into it but it looks extremely put together!

It’s all in the details

When you think about elegant fashion, everything is put together and simple, but the small details just add to the whole outfit and make it special. The same can be done with your interior design! You don’t have to spend a lot of money or effort on your decor, getting a few solid decorations is enough to just tie the whole room together. Strolling through stores and shopping online is your best bet, find the perfect items and not lose sleep over it as Swagbucks can help you with lowering the prices. So if you want to get that pretty chandelier as your centerpiece but don’t want to break the bank – now you can. So you need to prioritize, it’s always better to spend a bit more on two solid pieces than to get a lot of inefficient ones!

Shop vintage

If something screams elegance it’s vintage items! The easiest way to spice up your home is to get vintage pieces – they are timeless and just make the space look more elegant altogether! You can easily transform a basic room by adding a golden, vintage mirror or a funky side table, these items are lowkey, they wouldn’t overpower the whole room but they do leave a good impression! Shopping vintage, at thrift stores, at flea markets, is so exciting and you can truly find interesting pieces for a low price! It’s a win-win!

Focus on the furniture first

As mentioned, minimalism goes hand and hand with elegance! So if you want to be the most efficient, you want to start with the furniture first. Furniture can also be decorative as well, like old school sofas and vintage couches – a classic black leather couch can do a lot to the space! Adding something like that to your living room can instantly change it from being basic to looking extremely elegant in a matter of seconds. So instead of focusing on adding small things, while holding onto big pieces – it simply won’t fully work!

Work with different  materials

If you want to go all out and transform your home, the more vibrant it is the more elegant it will appear! Mixing glass and adding golden details to your home can truly add a certain luxurious vibe, stone is also a great material for making your home look more elegant as well. You can’t go wrong with white countertops or glass tables – they just make things look chicer! But you can also go a bit lowkey, by adding certain pillows and cushions on your couches and beds and make them look more put together. It’s all about clean spaces and accent pieces – materials can help with making things pop!

Colors are important too

If it’s too much work to change up the colors of your walls, you can always color coordinate with your new decor! Color holds so much power and it can instantly impact the space, regardless if it’s a small detail or wall art! But if you want to keep things elegant, make sure to stick with solid colors, muted tones – preferably black, white and grey. These colors mix well together and they won’t look too tacky. For instance, palace a black vase with flowers on a white table, or add a tray of grey candles on your living room table. Small things like that, it’s all about keeping things simple but impactful, and color is your best friend when it comes to that!

Choosing elegant decor can be difficult, you have to do more with less – which is way harder! But this kind of aesthetic is great, it suits every type of household, and it’s easily customizable so there is no way you can go wrong by keeping things simple!

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