Five Great Home Improvement Projects on a Small Budget


Your house ages, and when it does, you have to implement a face-lift or a total makeover. There are hundreds of home DIY projects to choose from, but if you are looking at ones that can deliver high-quality results without boring a big hole in your pockets, then the following home improvements do the work as far as your place’s comfort, beauty, and security are concerned.

1. Change Your Door Handles and Locks

Are your door fixtures old, broken, or worn? Doors get the most action with people constantly going in and out of the house. Replace your doorknobs with new latch sets, starting with your front door and then the inner rooms and bathrooms.

Do you have an electric lockpick gun? You can use this tool to test the strength of your new locks. Locks may open too quickly, which is expected because this lock-picking kit is designed for high-security locks. You can enforce other measures to fortify your home’s security.   You can also contact an emergency locksmith in Philly or other places for help with your doors.

2. Refinish Your Front Door

The front door welcomes everyone to the home and bears the brunt of the weather. You can nurse your weather-beaten door back to life by refinishing it. This work involves unhinging the doorframe to do the scraping and sanding and then putting it back to apply the wood preservative and varnish.

This task can be tedious and labor intensive, and you might consider handing it over to a qualified contractor. If you are conscious of the costs, you can start checking DIY tutorials now.

3. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets or Shelves

The kitchen hardly sleeps in your busy household. It is evident in how your cabinets look worn, with the paint fading or peeling in some areas.

Repaint these kitchen cabinets and their insides. Choose the original color, or go for a new hue that will complement the overall palette of your kitchen.

Clean the cabinets or shelves to remove any stains, and check for any damage on the wood. Then prime to seal the surface and let the new paint stick. Sand the cabinets then paint them.

4. Polish, Wax, or Clean Your Floor

It’s an opportune time to restore your floor’s luster. For ceramic tiles, the solution is one-fourth vinegar mixed with water. Use a mop to spread the solution on the surface, and wipe it off with a rag.

For hardwood flooring, waxing or polishing does the trick. Check first the finish of your floor. Buy the appropriate polish for your floor, and find out if you need to wax the hardwood first before the polish. You can manually polish the floor or use a buffer to speed up the process.

5. Tend to Your Lawn

Planting flowers is an inexpensive project that transforms your garden. Perennials are top choices as you can grow and spread them out. Small flowering or fruit-tree varieties are also colorful additions to your yard.

Keep your plants hydrated and your grass healthy with a Hunter sprinkling system. Don’t forget to add gravel paths leading to the flower beds.

There’s no perfect house, but there’s this home that you put your time and energy into to build and improve over time. What was your last home DIY project?

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