Main Health Benefits of Using Air Purifiers


According to studies, air pollution is more inside the offices and houses versus outside. There are around 500 airborne substances at homes which can cause several diseases. Imagine how many air particles there can be at all homes around the world.

The air inside the rooms and buildings are polluted because it does not have ventilation, or at least, do not have the same with an outdoor environment. Places with little ventilation are at risk of trapping pollutants just like the dust. These are the particles which are found in almost all homes.

Dust can seem like a simple irritant. However, it can pose like a magnet to dust mites, viruses, and bacteria. This can lead to allergic reactions especially those with a weak immune system.

Indeed, all of these air pollutants can cause serious health problems considering that we spend the majority of our times indoors. But there is an effective and convenient way to eliminate these pollutants. This can be done through the air purifiers. Let us know its health benefits below:

Remove Asthma Triggers

At home, you are exposed to asthma triggers. Examples of these are dust, dirt, dry skin cells, carbon monoxide, and household cleaners. Add to the list the air-freshening sprays, paint products, hairsprays, and perfumes.

If the triggers are not removed in the air, you can possibly inhale it and lead you to experience asthma symptoms. The tiny particles can cause the most damage to our health.

Thus, the quietest air purifiers can aid in the removal of the microscopic impurities. Apart from the air purifiers, you can also use the HEPA filters to clean the air.  Be sure to check out crawl space dehumidifier reviews as an option.

Eliminate Allergens

Aside from removing the triggers, the air purifiers can also eliminate the allergens like the pet odor and dust. However, make sure that the unit that you buy does not produce ozone which is another allergy irritant.

Trap Smoke to Prevent Respiratory Diseases

Living in a house filled with tobacco or cigarette smoke can lead to the development of respiratory and cardio diseases. Its other side effects include ear infections, mouth problems, and even cancer.

Secondhand smoke is very dangerous to children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

But, an air purifier with an activated carbon plus HEPA filter can remove the smoke produced by cigarette smoking.  The activated carbon attracts smoke since it becomes porous in high temperatures. Then, the air pollutants like odors, gases, and smokes will pass through the activated carbon. Thereafter, it will become absorbed into the porous surface which was created.

Remove Insects

Finally, the quietest air purifiers can get rid of the insects which carry germs or diseases. With this, you can skip using cleaning sprays which will only bring toxins in the home.

The use of the insecticides will not guarantee that the insects will be killed. For instance, the mosquitoes do not easily die with such chemicals and they can bring malaria infections. Finally, air purifiers can decrease the presence of other pests since it can eliminate it totally and prevent it from coming back.

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