Different Styles of Baby Groot Flower Pot


Every Marvel enthusiast just can’t resist investing in merchandise of their favorite superhero. Are you one of them? If yes, then we have something that would surely make you go crazy. We are talking about baby Groot flower pot — a cute ornament to hold your flowers or anything you want. This item has captured the hearts of many and is ready to be a part of your home. However, not many are aware that It comes in different styles, including some pretty rare ones. In this article, we have enlisted every design, from simplest to the most create one, available in the market. So, let’s get on with it.

Different Styles of Baby Groot Flower Pot

1. Wide-Eyes Hands on Cheek Groot Planter

It can be a charming addition to any place, whether it be your kid’s room, work table, or even an indoor garden. One hand of the figure is lying down while the other is resting on the cheek. It looks like baby Groot is staring right at you, which makes the whole outlook more interesting.

The opening on the head works as a pot and a holder with 3 inches depth. It may not sound much but surely works for smaller plants. Below, there is a hole that drains the water out, preventing the sogginess in the soil.

2. Heart-Shaped Baby Groot Flower Pot


With a load of cuteness, Groot is making a heart shape with his hands, which looks very adorable. The endearing expression is enough to make you fall in love with it. The heart-shaped opening can be creatively used as a flower holder, which is something other figures cannot do.

Give this Baby Groot Flower Pot a closer look, and you will find how highly-detailed the item is — Green veins, representing his plant-like body, goes all around his skin. It looks exactly like the movie version of the character.

3. Dancing and Glowing Baby Groot Flower Pot


Nobody can forget the emotional turnout when adult Groot sacrificed himself for his team in the movie. Everyone was heart-struck at the moment. But it was such a big relief when we saw tiny baby Groot dancing at the end. This product is inspired by that scene, and can instantly put a smile on your face.

Another impressive feature about this item is that it is made from the fluorescent material, allowing it to glow in the dark. The glow symbolically represents how Groot died while tiny glowing bugs surrounded him. So, turn the lights off and relive that exact moment.

This Baby Groot Flower Pot has a bigger plantation area than any other product on this list, allowing you to choose bigger plants. Or, you can plant vines and use the figure as a stand to grow them around it. As there is enough room to grow more than one, you can go for different options simultaneously.

However, if you can put bigger plants doesn’t mean you should. That’s because bigger plants or long grasses will hide the figure itself, and it would look like a regular pot. You don’t want that, do you? Therefore, miniature plants have our highest recommendation.

4. Thoughtful Baby Groot Planter


This adorable little planter looks like it’s in deep thought — both hands rest on the chin, and eyes are open wide, accompanied by a faint smile. It will keep you company while quietly sitting on your desk, and a single glance will lighten up your mood.

It is as detailed as other figures we have discussed above — with green veins, cracked bark, and signature color combination, making it look life-like. The product is made from sturdy and non-toxic PVC material, which is safe to use by everyone, including children.

5. Bird’s Nest Baby Groot Planter


What an adorable site this is — baby Groot holding a cute tiny bird in his hands. Compared with other designs, this one surely wins with its unparalleled cuteness. The style is a little different than the original character we have seen in movies.

The face structure, body details, and height doesn’t match with that of real baby Groot. It could be disappointing for die-hard fans, but we all can surely agree on one thing: this Baby Groot Flower Pot is really charming. Plus, this one has legs, unlike others we have mentioned above. And that is why it looks relatively complete.

6. Joyful Baby Groot Flower Pot


With his hands above in the air, this baby Groot is happy to see you. It features a huge smile and sparkly eyes filled with child-like innocence. No wonder, not only children but also adults love this product. Plus, it is really portable and only stands six inches tall. You wouldn’t have trouble finding the right place for it.

This Baby Groot Flower Pot could be a perfect gift on occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and even Mother’s Day. Or, you can give it to your children and surprise them with one of their favorite guardians of the galaxy.

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