Reducing the Pain From Standing on Concrete

a woman with long flying hair standing on concrete and under a concrete structure

In a lifetime, the average citizen walks between 75,000 and 115,000 miles. Most of these miles are walked on concrete floors with little to no support for your knees, lower back, and, most importantly, your feet. Even professional models suffer from back pain to varying degrees, which can be debilitating and painful. … Read more

Cleithrophobia: Dealing with the Fear of Being Trapped

Cleithrophobia Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Everyone experiences fear from time to time. However, a phobia is an irrational and excessive reaction to fear, often accompanied by a deep sense of dread and panic. The reaction in a phobia is disproportionate to the scenario and can cause excessive anxiety. Although most people who experience phobias know that their … Read more

Top 10 Items for Your Kids’ Bathroom

bathtub toy

The bathroom is considered one of the most important rooms in your home, as it is where you would often practice personal hygiene, which could not be done in any other rooms in your house. While bathrooms are generally versatile, most bathrooms designed are really made for kids. Luckily, there are easy … Read more

10 Quotes to Inspire the Beauty of Hair

10 Quotes to Inspire the Beauty of Hair

hair inspirations can be taken from all over the internet especially if you are the kind of person who likes experimenting with new styles and designs. There are certain inspirational hair quotes and sayings which admire you adapt to change in your life and completely alter your look which is the first … Read more

Availability of CBD in the UK

CBD oil applied to coffee

While many countries around the world legalized the use of CBD oil extracted from cannabis plants, it is still relatively hard to find CBD products online or in physical stores. One of the few countries where CBD products are scarce is the United Kingdom, hence the reason why many CBD users would … Read more

Healthy Transition Tips To an All-Natural Lifestyle

Healthy Transition Tips To an All-Natural Lifestyle

There may come a time when you think it’s right to give up on chemical cosmetic and artificial beauty products and instead start using the natural deodorant company that fits you. As you weigh the several benefits of going all-natural, you can put in perspective how they impact your personal life. All-natural … Read more

Tips for Highlighting Your Hair at Home

Tips for Highlighting Your Hair at Home

Sometimes, it’s fun to do different styles to your hair, such as trying out new haircuts and as well as changing up hair color. If you are tired of your old and boring hair color, you can make your hair look more fresh and cool with highlights. There are many different styles … Read more

Tips and Tools You Need for Home Haircuts

Cutting your hair at home can save you quite a few bucks in the long run, but it will require a lot of practice and investment. Some people might also choose to go for home haircuts in order to avoid going out due to an illness or any other issue. All these … Read more

How to Keep a Relationship Together: Rules of a Happy Family

Relationship Together

When it comes to romantic relationships, problems don’t happen accidentally. Some dates turn into something more than just sympathy and friendship. Loved ones realize that they want to spend the rest of their lives and overcome all hardships together, enjoying every day and just loving each other selflessly and sincerely. Nevertheless, every … Read more

What Every Woman in an Unfaithful Relationship Should Know

Infidelity has become like a song in the world we live in today. At some point, you must have asked yourself why a partner is bound to cheat on you. Even though both genders cheat, the highest percentage of infidelity lies in men. Scientists tell us that in humans, monogamy is not … Read more

Introduction to Sandalwood and Its Benefits

Sandalwood has been currently one of the most prized woods. But unlike other commercial woods, sandalwood is not mainly grown and harvested for lumber, but rather for its essential oil which gives off a distinct, pleasant aroma. Sandalwood is a type of wood from trees in Santalum genus which are commonly found … Read more

Interesting Fruits and Vegetables Facts Who Knew?

Fruits and vegetables have been an essential part of our diet, perhaps ever since time began. They give color and balance to our dishes, and also provide the bulk of the vitamins that we need in everyday life. We can do a lot to our fruits and vegetables — we eat them … Read more

The Most Popular and Craziest Diet Fads

The Most Popular and Craziest Diet Fads

From time to time, many of us gain extra unwanted pounds we want to shed. This is why a whole lot of diet fads were invented. Reducing carbohydrate and calorie intake and increasing protein consumption are some of the popular ways to pursue weight loss. Over the centuries, many people have invented … Read more

The History and Benefits of the Juicer and Juicing

The History and Benefits of the Juicer and Juicing

Juicing fresh produce has been enjoying a revival of interest and popularity these days. More and more people have switched from consuming packed juices, which are laden with sugars and preservatives, to the healthier habit of consuming freshly squeezed juice of fruits and vegetables. Since we say ‘revival’, this indicates that juicing … Read more

Old Wives’ Tales That Are Actually Proven

Old Wives' Tales That Are Actually Proven

Most of the “old wives’ tales” that your elder folks used to tell you about have turned out to be false. However, there are also a handful of them which can’t be that far from the truth — in fact, some of them are even scientifically proven! The term ‘old wives’ tale’ … Read more

Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 6 – Follow-up Appointment


Am I cured? I have been on Doxycycline and Tinidazole since my diagnosis in May. Am I cured? Am I doing better? Well…the brain fog and problems concentrating are gone. I don’t have nearly as much fatigue as I used to. I’m still limping though and the numbness and arthritic symptoms are … Read more

Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 2 – Road Trip!!!

Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 2 – Road Trip!!!

Alana still not convinced she has Lyme disease After the very bad experience I had with the doctor at U.T. Southwestern, I was anxious to try to find someone else who could re-test me for Lyme. I wasn’t necessarily convinced that I had Lyme, but it was the only thing so far … Read more

Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 16 – Seven Months Later

A bit of information about Lyme disease

Signs of improvement It’s been a long time since my last installment, but since then I am happy to say that the Cowden Protocol has been working really well for me! Here is a list of what I have been taking for the Cowden Protocol:         Supplement Dosage When … Read more

Which is Better: Biking or Running?

Which is Better: Biking or Running?

Exercise should be a regular part of our routine, especially if we have a desk job or a weight problem. Fortunately, there are several types of exercise, so we don’t have to be bored when chalking out an exercise regime. The most common forms of exercise, which are also easy and enjoyable, … Read more

Finding the Right Fitness Gadgets

Finding the right fitness gadgets

Many people struggle to lose weight and get into shape, whether this is for health reasons or for fitting into the clothes they like. However, this is an uphill struggle for most, especially when it comes to those in the developed world. We have easy access to unhealthy food and several means … Read more

Debunking Fitness Myths

Debunking Fitness Myths

  So you know everything about fitness? Once you’ve found out that some of these popular fitness notions are actually myths as well as the realities behind them, you’ll be surprised. Myth #1- You Can Spot-Reduce Fat Fact: the areas in your body where the fat is stored is common. No amount … Read more

Introduction to CrossFit

introduction to crossfit

What is CrossFit, really? You may have seen CrossFit on television commercials. You may have spotted CrossFit centers popping up locally, in several magazines, and on cyberspace. If you have friends or co-workers who are also into working out, you may have also heard them talking or mentioning about CrossFit, and you’d … Read more

Top 10 Fitness Gyms

Top 10 fitness gyms

  So you’ve finally decided to get out of your old, sluggish lifestyle and embrace the gym world? If you aim for the best results, you’ve got to go to no less than the best fitness gyms across the United States. You’ve got to do a little bit of research on what … Read more

Calorie and Activity Tracking Technology

Calorie and Activity Tracking Technology

Nowadays, it has become essential for one to monitor their lifestyle and alter it in order to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity has become a common problem now, with an unhealthy diet and fast food being the major contributors to this issue.  Genetics also play a role in obesity, but one can … Read more

80s Fitness Crazes

80s Fitness Crazes

Muscle men in the 1980s Men were not the only ones who became interested in working out at the gym during the 80s, as there were also a lot of women getting into fitness at that time. As a matter of fact, if you look back on many 80s fitness crazes, you … Read more

Options for Using Slimmers and Trimmers for Weight Loss


Do you dream of being able to lose that excess weight? Perhaps you sigh when looking at the skinny or slim people around you, wishing that you could fit into the clothes you like? If nothing else, do you feel like your body could do with a tune-up to get rid of … Read more

The History of Fitness Equipment

The History of Fitness Equipment

Even in the prehistoric era, men had already been maintaining their strength and agility on a regular basis by engaging themselves in hunting. But as centuries passed, people’s lifestyles changed and many of them became less active. Sedentary habits led to obesity and health complications arising from it. Because of this, an … Read more

Fitness Gadgets – Digital Jump Ropes

Digital Jump Ropes

Do you remember jumping rope when you were a child? If we don’t have any major bone issues, we all know that jumping rope is a great exercise. It works out the arms, the back, and the legs. It is also wonderful for raising the heart rate. Plus, jumping rope is an … Read more

History of the Nautilus Fitness Equipment

nautilus fitness equipment

As with any other aspect of our lives, we would like the best equipment on hand when we exercise. Many of us go for brands when it comes to our clothes, makeup, perfume, and other products. While we might get by on copies or even non-branded items, it’s a wise step to … Read more