What Every Woman in an Unfaithful Relationship Should Know

Infidelity has become like a song in the world we live in today. At some point, you must have asked yourself why a partner is bound to cheat on you. Even though both genders cheat, the highest percentage of infidelity lies in men. Scientists tell us that in humans, monogamy is not … Read more

Introduction to Sandalwood and Its Benefits

Sandalwood has been currently one of the most prized woods. But unlike other commercial woods, sandalwood is not mainly grown and harvested for lumber, but rather for its essential oil which gives off a distinct, pleasant aroma. Sandalwood is a type of wood from trees in Santalum genus which are commonly found … Read more

Interesting Fruits and Vegetables Facts Who Knew?

Fruits and vegetables have been an essential part of our diet, perhaps ever since time began. They give color and balance to our dishes, and also provide the bulk of the vitamins that we need in everyday life. We can do a lot to our fruits and vegetables — we eat them … Read more

The Most Popular and Craziest Diet Fads

The Most Popular and Craziest Diet Fads

From time to time, many of us gain extra unwanted pounds we want to shed. This is why a whole lot of diet fads were invented. Reducing carbohydrate and calorie intake and increasing protein consumption are some of the popular ways to pursue weight loss. Over the centuries, many people have invented … Read more

The History and Benefits of the Juicer and Juicing

The History and Benefits of the Juicer and Juicing

Juicing fresh produce has been enjoying a revival of interest and popularity these days. More and more people have switched from consuming packed juices, which are laden with sugars and preservatives, to the healthier habit of consuming freshly squeezed juice of fruits and vegetables. Since we say ‘revival’, this indicates that juicing … Read more

Old Wives’ Tales That Are Actually Proven

Old Wives' Tales That Are Actually Proven

Most of the “old wives’ tales” that your elder folks used to tell you about have turned out to be false. However, there are also a handful of them which can’t be that far from the truth — in fact, some of them are even scientifically proven! The term ‘old wives’ tale’ … Read more

Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 6 – Follow-up Appointment


Am I cured? I have been on Doxycycline and Tinidazole since my diagnosis in May. Am I cured? Am I doing better? Well…the brain fog and problems concentrating are gone. I don’t have nearly as much fatigue as I used to. I’m still limping though and the numbness and arthritic symptoms are … Read more

Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 2 – Road Trip!!!

Alana’s Lyme Journey – Part 2 – Road Trip!!!

Alana still not convinced she has Lyme disease After the very bad experience I had with the doctor at U.T. Southwestern, I was anxious to try to find someone else who could re-test me for Lyme. I wasn’t necessarily convinced that I had Lyme, but it was the only thing so far … Read more