Different Types of Cooking Oils

Different types of cooking oils in clear glass bottles

Once upon a time, cooking oil is synonymous with vegetable oil in an average American kitchen. For some, it’s melted-down lard. For those who want a fancy salad dressing, they have olive oil of undefined quality. But now, when there are so many kinds of cooking oils, the average consumer can be … Read more

Pros and Cons of Protein Bars and Protein Shakes

Three protein bars

Back then, protein bars and protein shakes are considered as a favorite supplement for bulky and muscular guys who almost turned the gym into their second home. However, more men and women who may not be muscular but want to stay in shape consume them regularly. Plus, they are healthy and filling … Read more

Types of Wheat Flour

Wheat flour in the center of wheat grains

Since all-purpose flour is the most common flour listed in recipes we try, we may not realize how many different wheat flours there are in the market. Unless you’re a baker, perhaps it’s the only kind of flour you have used. But if you’re interested in using other types of wheat flour, … Read more

Benefits of Dehydrating Food

Dehydrated food inside a mason jar

Back before there were freezers and canning equipment, food dehydration was the method for solving food spoilage problems while maintaining its nutritional content. Dehydrating or drying food is one of humanity’s oldest ways of preserving food because it’s simple. Today, food dehydration blends these age-old techniques with new technologies that simplify the … Read more

Waxing Cheese For Preservation

Cheeses on a brown wooden rack

When you’re in a bonafide emergency survival situation, you may be living off canned food and packaged snacks. If the situation requires you to stay at home for extended periods of time (like with a flu pandemic), you’re going to miss the usual yummy foods you eat. And you may get one … Read more

Things You can Make with Powdered Milk

A can of powdered milk

Powdered milk is a food storage staple, but did you know that it can be used besides being a milk drink? This powder is extremely versatile. You can make anything, including whipped topping to cottage cheese to a face mask! Here’s what you can do with powdered milk: 1. Whipped topping Powdered … Read more

Are Canned Foods Good for You?

A shelf containing canned food at the grocery store

Canned foods are a blessing to mankind. Whether you’re looking for a quick meal or packing for emergencies, you can count on canned foods as a convenient source of food. And nowadays, more and more food is getting produced in a can. Believe it or not, there’s such a thing as canned … Read more

Guide to Melamine Dinnerware

A set of melamine dinnerware

When it comes to dinnerware materials, you can find a lot of different choices. But if you’re tired of your children (or a clumsy member of the family) accidentally breaking your dishes, you may consider melamine. It’s lighter and more durable than china, and this is why more restaurants and foodservice outlets … Read more

College Cooking: How to Make Amazing Meals in a Dorm

small microwave

When you think of college food, the first thing that will come to your mind is instant ramen. If you are already in college, you shouldn’t really just settle for eating unhealthy instant noodles that you can easily buy in grocery stores. In order for you to study well, you must eat … Read more

Tips for Properly Disposing Cooking Oil and Grease

using cooking oil for empanadas

If you ask people what their most hated house chores would be, most of them would answer that they hate washing dishes. Not only is washing dishes tedious, but you would also have to know the proper ways to clean them without letting oil and grease remain on their surfaces. Now, cleaning … Read more

Meat Smoking Calculator

How insane we can become with the taste of delicious foods! Foods can lead us to feel like heaven. You know, non-veg foods are more tongue loader than veg foods. Most of the people like to have meat in their meal. For this reason, we often see that meat lover is confronting … Read more

History of Modern Cooking

sandwich with meat and vegetables

During the 1700s to 1800s, the cooking methods that have become prevalent in the Renaissance started to evolve into modern styles that are still being used today. Along with these cooking methods, several dishes or recipes have been invented during those periods and the 1900s, as utensils and kitchen appliances were able … Read more

Cool and Unusual Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

cool and unusual kitchen gadgets

Cooking and preparing meals are fun and even therapeutic, because we like creating things from scratch. But sometimes, they can be stressful. You want to whip up a gorgeous Sunday meal, but you don’t want to spend long hours in the kitchen. That is why we consider these cool and not-so-ordinary kitchen … Read more

History of Prehistoric Cooking

diorama of cavemen trying to produce fire

The cooking techniques that were implemented during prehistoric times shaped how humans prepare and eat foods today. Without these significant prehistoric cooking methods, we would still be hunting and gathering for food, which is considered inefficient compared to farming crops. But how did humans evolve from hunting for food to taking care … Read more

History of Medieval Cooking

a baker with an assistant in medieval times baking bread

During medieval times, the cooking techniques that were developed are so innovative that we are still using these methods today. Most of these techniques allowed people to cook food much easier and faster, and some methods also enabled them to store food properly so that they won’t spoil for a long time. … Read more

History of Ancient Cooking

depiction of a royal bakery in ancient Egypt

Since the discovery of fire during the prehistoric era, humans have created many different ways of utilizing it for cooking, and these were quickly evolving throughout history into many different techniques. Some of the most important cooking methods were created during the time of the ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians, and without their … Read more

History of Renaissance Cooking

a butcher’s shop where meat is sold during the Renaissance

The Renaissance was not only a period of the reemergence of art and literature in Europe, but it was also the era where cooking was taken to new heights in terms of its complexity and artistry. During that period, cooking was considered as essential to the culture as art, and many people, … Read more

A Guide To Buying A Rice Cooker

A black electric rice cooker

Rice is a major staple food all over the world. Many countries have based a lot of their dishes around rice. It is an easy-to-cook food item and is a popular choice for nights when you have nothing special planned. But apart from that, rice is also used in some really delicious … Read more

What Is Southern Cooking?

A serving of the traditional Southern fried chicken with some fries and drinks

Intro As culture developed all around the world, shaped by the circumstances and environments, so did the cuisine. Naturally, cuisine is after all a part of culture. And getting to experience all the various dishes from all these places is a gift from the Heavens to your taste buds. One very influential … Read more

Finding the Right Small Appliances for a Tiny Kitchen

It is much more typical for houses or apartment units to have a small kitchen rather than a large one. On the other hand, larger appliances are more available in the market than tinier appliances. This contrast between kitchen and appliance sizes makes a small kitchen even smaller due to the fact … Read more

Small Kitchen Appliances That Don’t Take Up Much Room

small kitchen kitchenette

A lot of us don’t have kitchens the size of bedrooms and living rooms. Usually, we often only have a small square space where all our cookware and kitchen utensils are located. In this small kitchen, most people would usually have large kitchen equipment that takes way too much space in the … Read more

Must-Have Small Kitchen Appliances

Ultrean Air Fryer

Some homes have large kitchens with plenty of countertops. Others have small kitchens with less countertop space available. You might plan your kitchen purchases according to the space you have on your counters and in your cabinets. If there’s a lot of space, for instance, you might feel like investing in some … Read more

The Best Cooking Utensils Aren’t Plastic

Kitchen utensils are essential items for cooking. Without them, home cooks wouldn’t be able to cook their food properly, as they sometimes have to mix ingredients constantly in the pan to develop consistency in the texture of the dish. Almost all cooking utensils will touch your food while cooking or even before … Read more

Types of Mixing Bowls

It’s easier to prepare and mix food in a bowl. A bowl gives us the freedom to whisk and stir without having to worry about spilling. A bowl also makes our food more aromatic and appealing to eat. Even if these mixing bowls kind of look the same, there are several types … Read more

Best Margarita Machines

Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker

Are you planning a party at home? Do you want your guest to enjoy delicious frozen drinks, ice cream smoothie, or margarita? Then you should consider getting yourself a margarita machine at home to make every party and get together fun. That way, you can make sure that you and your guests … Read more

Interesting Facts about Chocolate

Interesting Facts about Chocolate

Interesting Facts about Chocolate No need for a formal and lengthy introduction: chocolate is the most-loved confection by millions of people from all over the world! We use it as a treat, in the most scrumptious desserts, and also as a quick way to lift our mood. However, there’s more to chocolate … Read more

Origins of the Popular Desserts that May Surprise You

Origins of the Popular Desserts that May Surprise You

A full meal is never complete without desserts. But long ago, ordinary people didn’t eat desserts. Sweets and cakes were offered to deities by the ancient Mesopotamian people. Time passed and they became available for mere humans, but only for the upper-class society. Alexander the Great and Emperor Nero enjoyed their crushed … Read more

The History and Benefits of Slow Cookers and Crock Pots

The History and Benefits of Slow Cookers and Crock Pots

The slow cooker, a kitchen appliance commonly called “Crock Pot,” is an appliance that really served many busy households well. When cooking savory meals might be impossible given your tight schedule, the slow cooker is there to serve you and your hungry tummy a tasty dinner when you get home. Here’s a … Read more

The History and the Benefits of a Blender

The History and the Benefits of a Blender

The blender is one of the most versatile appliances in your kitchen. It can chop, blend, puree and liquefy to the consistency you desire. You can hit the “pulse” button or simply by leaving it blending by itself. A blender can make a variety of dishes and beverages like smoothies, baby food, … Read more

The History and Benefits of Coffee Makers

The History and Benefits of Coffee Makers

Besides water, coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. That makes the coffee maker one of the most common appliances in the kitchen and even in office pantries. Coffee drinking is almost as old as civilization, yet most of us have never thought about how ancient people prepared their coffees … Read more