Top Features to Look For in a Slushie Machine


Slushies are a crowd favorite of every child and adult alike due to their mouth-watering taste and slurpy texture. Nothing brings more joy than a brightly colored blend of ice and sugar on a sweltering summer day. If you want to start a slushie business or evolve your cafe, you should consider adding a slushie machine to your crowd-pleasing arsenal. As people will see the bright-colored beverages swirling in the slushie machine in the heat of the day, in no time, you will see a line of customers waiting at your counter. However, it is imperative that you buy a slushie machine that is compatible with your overall business needs. To help you buy the perfect slushie machine for your icy venture, we have prepared a guide on top features you should look for when going slush machine buying: 

Tank/Bowl Capacity

The most crucial factor in buying the perfect slush machine is to figure out what tank capacity is best suited for you. Depending on your business, usage, and clientele, you can determine how many slushies you will serve out every day. This estimated figure will help you narrow out the perfect slush machine with the correct size and capacity for your daily usage. Without determining your estimated number of servings, it is likely you will end up with the wrong slush machine. 

Since slush machines come in different sizes, their tank/bowl capacity differs as well. The capacity of a single bowl usually ranges from one to three gallons. If you have a low estimate of predicted servings, a small slush machine with low tank capacity will suit you better. However, if you have a loyal clientele and have a high daily turnover, look for slush machines with a larger tank capacity. Even if your business has just kick started, we highly recommend that you choose a slush machine with a tank capacity higher than your serving estimate. This way, as your slush venture picks up pace, you will not have to invest in new equipment to keep up with the soaring demand. Moreover, you will not have to refill the tank again and again and save manual input on a busy day. 

Image showing a clear plastic cup with green-yellow slushie in it. 

You also need to pay attention to the slush serving size. The standard cup sizes for serving slush are 10 oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz. The larger the serving size, the less your tank will produce per hour, and the more frequently you will need to refill it. Conversely, the smaller the serving, the greater the number of cups you will be able to serve out. Another factor that directly impacts the number of cups you can produce within an hour is the number of bowls/tanks in the slush machine.  

We have prepared a guide chart to help you determine which slush machine will best suit your production intentions. When considering the best option for your slush venture, make sure to keep in mind the peak period of your busiest day.

No. of Tanks/Bowls

Total Capacity


10 oz. Cups per Hour

12 oz. Cups per Hour

16 oz. Cups per Hour

















Once you have picked the right size capacity for your slush machine, you need to ask yourself, ‘What am I going to serve my customers?’

There are different types of slushie machines, and each produces a distinct variety of beverages. It is necessary to decide your menu before you hit the market and carefully read the specifications on the model before you buy it to make sure that your slush machine is capable of producing your desired beverages. 

While most slush machines churn out slushies only, there are some models in the market that do not limit the possibilities to just this icy blend. Such models are equipped to whip out other frozen delights in addition to a slushie, such as milkshakes, iced teas, frappuccinos, and even cocktails. Since all these frozen treats require freezing, all multi-purpose slush machines have a freezing system that allows you to enjoy the perfect sugar and ice blend. But that is not it. A few advanced models are armed with a refrigeration system, as well, that you can use to refrigerate any beverage. If versatility is key for your slush venture, look for such a multi-functional machine to keep your pocket in the green. This way, you can serve chilled drinks and frozen slush all from the same machine by just flipping a single switch. 

Note: While some slush machines can make cocktails, we highly suggest that you use a separate frozen cocktail machine for serving alcoholic beverages. If you use the same machine to churn out both slushies and cocktails, you will end up with less slush per hour as alcohol increases the freezing time. 

Water Filtration System

Before buying any slush machine, we highly recommend that you check whether it has a built-in water filtration system. Such a system will not only filter all the water before it enters the tank but also keep your tank away from any scale or lime sediments, keeping your icy blends clean, safe, and delectable as ever! In addition to this, the water filtration system will also help extend the longevity of your slush machine and make it more durable by constantly removing sediments, scale, and cysts and preventing them from clogging the internal ducts of the machine. 

Also, as the water used is free of any contaminants, your beverages will look more clear and visually appealing to the customers. So, by buying a slush machine with a water filtration system, you will make sure that not only your frozen delights are pleasing to look at and taste, but they also meet all health standards! If you are unable to find a slush machine with a built-in water filtration system, you can also purchase it separately and install it in the machine. 

Adjustable Slush Settings

Some people prefer their slushies to have a granita-style consistency, while others prefer a fine blend of ice and sugar. To please a wider clientele, you should look for a slush machine with multiple slush settings. This way, you will be able to serve slushies in a variety of consistencies, from very hard to very soft, depending on your customer’s liking. You may also look for models that allow you to switch between freezing mode and refrigeration mode. Such a function allows your slushies to defrost slightly.

Night Mode/ Stand By Function

One of the most tedious parts of diving into a slushie venture is the longsome cleaning of the slush machine after closing the shop every night. If you, too, are tired of cleaning your slush machine every night but do not want to compromise on the health and safety of your customers, we might have a way to pull you out of your daily nightmare. Many models in the market now have a night mode or standby function that can keep your icy blends fresh for up to fourteen days within the tank. It gently defrosts your sweet icy blends to prevent the formation of any clumps during the night. Once you hit the night mode button, you can bid farewell to the daily worry of emptying, cleaning, or refreezing any leftover products for a long time. By using this feature, you will not only save manual input and time but also keep the environment green by reducing potential waste. 

Power and Voltage

When looking for a slush machine for commercial use, you must pay special attention to the specifications sheet and product descriptions to check the voltage at which it operates. The higher the voltage, the faster the recovery time for the slush machine. So, for instance, it will take less time for a 220V slush machine to yield the same product as a 120V unit. However, remember that doubling the voltage does not always double the output of your slush machine. The type of machine, the manufacturer, the slush setting, the slush mix you are using, and whether or not it contains alcohol are some of the many factors that determine the output of your slush machine. 

To figure out the correct voltage for your usage, you first need to determine the number of slushies you will be producing every day and whether or not your place has suitable electrical outlets for that desired voltage. This way, you will be able to run the machine on the right voltages and extend its life by protecting it from electricity damages.

ADA Compliance

Before you go slushie machine shopping, ask yourself, ‘Who will be the principal operator of the machine?’ In case you want a self-serve machine for front-of-house action, you must be prepared to accommodate all your potential clients. To make all your customers feel welcomed at your store, choose a slushie machine that is compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Except for the extra-long dispenser handles and some other features that allow easy operation and make the unit more user-friendly, the functioning of any ADA-compliant slushie machine is the same as its non-compliant counterpart. 

Bottom Line

Whether for your personal or commercial use, you should make an informed choice when buying a slush machine to reap its benefits. By keeping the factors mentioned above in your mind when slush machine shopping, you will be able to find the best slushie machine for your daily use.  

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