Built-in Speakers vs Soundbars. What’s Better?


Have you been trying to decide if buying a new soundbar is worth it? Is the old technology of built-in speakers obsolete, and should you upgrade?

Modern-day TVs include remarkable technologies that give consumers a more immersive viewing experience than their predecessors. One aspect of this experience televisions have made strides in lately is audio.

When deciding which type of audio system is right for your living room, there are many things to consider: cost, design, positioning, and more. In this article, I will compare built-in speakers vs soundbars and help you decide which is best for your needs.

Built-in Speakers vs Soundbars

Built-in speakers are convenient and easy to use; however, their sound quality is usually limited due to their small size. Such speakers are commonly found on devices such as televisions and computers.

Soundbars are external audio units that can be connected to various devices. They usually feature multiple drivers and amplifiers, delivering enhanced sound quality and an immersive experience.

Advantages of Built-in Speakers

One of the most significant advantages of having in-built speakers is that they are already installed on the device, eliminating the hassle of setting up extra audio equipment. Moreover, these speakers often come at a more budget-friendly rate since they are part of the device’s unit price.

Built-in speakers have gotten a lot better over the years, but with most TVs, they are still limited in performance. You may notice they don’t sound outstanding when turned up or have a dull sound; this is just the nature of the speakers unless you purchase a more expensive TV, at which point a soundbar is a more budget-friendly option.

Advantages of TV Soundbars

Soundbars offer much better sound quality than built-in speakers. They come with multiple drivers and amplifiers, allowing for a more immersive experience. Additionally, they are usually quite affordable and can easily be found in most electronics stores. Individuals with a hard time hearing may benefit from the best soundbar for hearing-impaired people.

They are generally Bluetooth now, allowing you to connect with any device. Some models also have removable speakers, which you can place behind you for a full-surround experience and subwoofers for deeper bass.

Most home theater systems include a soundbar or long speaker for mounting under the TV with a control panel. This can also be connected to other devices and stream audio to your home theater system. But, of course, this can also be done with a regular soundbar, a feature you’ll love.

Pros and Cons for Each

When deciding between integrated speakers and soundbars, there are many pros and cons to reflect on. Integrated speakers give a decent audio experience without an extra purchase. Soundbars are positionable speakers located near or beneath a television set. They deliver superior sound quality, clarity, and a more immersive experience.

Built-in Speakers:

Built-in speakers are an excellent option for those who want to enjoy their music and movies without investing in an expensive sound system. Built-in speakers are typically installed directly into the walls or ceiling of a room, allowing for a more immersive audio experience. They also tend to be less bulky than soundbars, making them ideal for smaller spaces.

The main advantage of built-in speakers is their convenience. They are already installed on the device, so you don’t have to worry about setting up or connecting additional audio equipment. Additionally, they are usually quite affordable and can be found on most devices.


  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Limited sound quality



Soundbars are a great way to upgrade your home theater experience without investing in a complete surround sound system. Instead, soundbars provide an immersive sound experience with deep bass and clear highs from one compact unit.

Unlike built-in speakers, soundbars are designed to be placed in front of the TV, allowing for easy access and setup. They also come with many features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream music from your phone or another device.

When it comes to sound quality, soundbars are generally considered superior to built-in speakers. Soundbars provide a more comprehensive range of frequencies and better bass response than built-in speakers. They also offer more control over the audio, allowing users to adjust the volume, balance, and other settings.


  • Improved sound quality
  • more immersive experience
  • Affordable


  • Require additional equipment for setup

Is There Another Option?

Some homes have audio built into the structure, with wires running around the house to different speakers. These days this can be accomplished with Bluetooth speakers to save yourself the hassle of connecting speakers all over your home.

Sound You Invest in a Soundbar or Bluetooth Speakers for TV?

When deciding between soundbars and built-in speakers for your TV, there are some factors to consider. Soundbars typically cost more than TV speakers but are well-suited to tight areas. They produce better sound quality than most integrated speakers, with deeper bass and improved highs. Furthermore, many soundbars have added features such as Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream music from your cell phone or other gadgets.

Built-in speakers are generally more budget-friendly and easier to use as they come preinstalled in the device. Furthermore, using them requires no setup or connection of external audio equipment.

It depends on individual choice and resources. A soundbar is your best bet if you seek a more encompassing sound experience with heavier low-end sounds and sharper highs. On the other hand, built-in speakers might be the superior decision if you’re aiming for something more economical and effortless.

Although with the technology of soundbars today, it’s just as effortless; the only difference is the cost.


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