7 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Theatre


A home theatre can be a huge asset. It is your place to kick back and enjoy movies, video games and sporting events. With all these advantages, it can be easy to forget that your space will need an upgrade from time to time. Here are seven great ways to upgrade your personal theatre space today.

1. Get a Subwoofer

When setting up a home theatre, good speakers are essential. While all the speakers work together to create a full sound, some have more of an impact. This stipulation is the case with the subwoofer. If you are just watching regular television, then the bass sounds of the subwoofer may not make that much of a difference. However, the deep range of sounds is critical to enjoying a movie in surround sound. A subwoofer will accentuate your videos for a true theatre experience.

2. Rearrange Your Speakers

Sometimes, it is not so much the quality of your speakers. Instead, it is about the placement of your speakers. When you invest in multiple speakers, the sound distributes to all of them. Therefore, you have to make sure you coordinate their locations. The placement of the speakers will influence the amount of sound that comes out and how you experience that sound. If your experience is subpar at the moment, a few simple adjustments may amplify things in a whole new way. Also, when installing speakers, be sure to use high-quality 16 gauge speaker wire.

3. Modernize Your Center Channel

One speaker that many people neglect when first setting up their home theatre is the center channel. This center speaker is often overlooked for right and left speakers, and that can limit your experience. If your center channel is of a lower quality, then your entire sound setup will be diminished. Instead of using a weak center channel, you could get rid of it altogether and ghost the sound to the right and left speakers. However, if you really want an upgrade, just go ahead and get a better center channel. The overall improvement to your sound quality will be worthwhile in the end.

4. Tweak Your Speaker Levels

Another consideration for your speakers has to do with settings. You can have the best speakers in the right locations around the room, but if the levels are not adjusted correctly, then all of it is for nothing. All speakers must be balanced. If one is too loud compared to the others, then the entire sound experience will be compromised. You should start by setting your center channel to a few decibels above normal, which will increase sound quality substantially. Then, adjust the side speakers and subwoofer to your personal preference. Everyone will have their taste when it comes to sound.

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5. Upgrade Your Source Components

Upgrading your speakers seems like a natural and straightforward place to start, but you should also take time to look at the source components. In some cases, your theatre experience will be limited if you have an older television or movie player. This technology evolves rapidly over time. Therefore, if your units are more than five years old, then you probably could see a significant improvement by buying new ones.

6. Invest in Seating

Your home entertainment space is about more than technology. Many other elements impact your enjoyment. Therefore, if you want to do an upgrade, look at your seating. Make sure you arrange the seating so that all spots have a clear view. Think about investing in tiered stage seating to simulate a real theatre. Also, consider your comfort. If the chairs are not comfortable to sit in, then you will not enjoy your theatre as much. Recliner chairs with plenty of cushion and support are a great way to go.

7. Remember Your Windows

When you go to the theatre, the room is entirely black. All lights are out. More than that, there are no windows to let in natural light. This ambience is a huge advantage that is hard to replicate at home. Therefore, if you are looking to make some improvements, then pay attention to your windows. Make sure you have window coverings that completely eliminate all natural light. This will transform your home theatre today.

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