Building Your Own Personal Home Weather Station Is a Breeze


Meteorology is an everyday issue of concern for much of society. Knowing if it is going to rain, wind, storm or sun marks our leisure or work decisions when choosing to do activity, trip or what clothes to wear, depending on whether we foresee that the day will be hot or cold.

Not surprisingly, one of the most viewed television spaces is precisely the weather forecast. Beyond the advice and forecasts that the program can offer, nothing is more accurate than stocking your own station at home to know personally, in detail and instantly, all the weather news.

The Most Important

  • Having a station at home will allow you to experience meteorological phenomena in a closer, personalized and precise way.

  • Having an external space to place the sensor is also relevant before launching to acquire the station, in case you want to record data outdoors.

  • Acquiring a Home Weather Station can help us prevent household accidents related to fire or poor ventilation. In the purchase criteria section, we will advise you on the most suitable options.

Ranking: The Best Home Weather Stations on the Market

Choosing one Home Weather Station or another can be a complicated task, especially considering that some models with the naked eye can look quite like others as well can see details by visiting Analyzing its characteristics in more detail, we will see which one can best fit in our home, according to the type of use we want to give it.

Booth # 1: Sunartis 3-4013 THB197

This stainless-steelHome Weather Station offers a simple design for those who want to measure only the most classic variables. It shows the temperature, air pressure and humidity level in the air, using an analog format that contrasts with the prevailing digital mode today.

Its stainless-steel casing makes it weather resistant, being able to serve both inside the home and outside, as appropriate. In addition, it can be used vertically or horizontally and, for the most interested users, it allows forecasting the time by measuring changes in air pressure.

Position # 2: VLIKE

The VLIKE allows you to choose between one or two remote sensors to provide tight monitoring of current events and closer weather events. The product displays both indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity, and records minimum and maximum readings that can occur daily.

As extras, it includes the recording of barometric pressure, moon phase, humidity, weather alarm, ice and low and high temperatures. It also has a color forecast icon that reacts to changes in barometric pressure, providing a weather forecast within 12 hours with 70% accuracy.

Booth # 3: Bresser Wetter Center

For less than 100 euros, this Home Weather Station offers a 5-in-1 multi-sensor that combines a compact product style, while offering complete and detailed weather forecast information. Its exterior sensor is designed in a minimalist way so it can be placed almost anywhere.

Specifically, the 5-in-1 sensor transmits to the base station values ​​such as the measurement of wind speed and direction, ambient humidity, temperature and probability of precipitation without having to go outside to know these data. With this information, you can calculate a weather forecast for the next 12 hours.

Position # 4: Netatmo NWS01-EC

It is a wireless Home Weather Station suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This product has Wifi and allows receiving alerts on the Smartphone. This is especially useful in risky situations, since it allows knowing when it is necessary to ventilate the home using the ventilation alert.

Its remote functionality allows easy access to the indoor and outdoor climate of your home. In addition, it maintains a history to observe the data of the past and, as a complement, it allows to foresee the future of the next seven days, which will allow you to be able to adapt your clothing and activities abroad.

Position # 5: Technoline GARNI WS 6760

The Technoline Garni station incorporates a radio-controlled clock, albeit with the option of manual configuration. It has an indoor and outdoor temperature display, and has a digital design that, although compact, incorporates a multitude of meteorological variables for a complete and exhaustive monitoring of the weather.

Among its functions, it stands out the fact that it allows forecasting weather situations, in addition to reporting on sunrise and sunset. It also shows the moon phase, moon display, and moonset. As a complement, it includes the option of warning in case of frost, which is very useful in some geographical points in winter.

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